Mark Madsen $9100 – Silver medalist in Greco-Roman wrestling, really all you need to know. I’m not going to overthink this, Madsen will maul Clay Guida, and he can score well with takedowns and control time and still possibly score over 100 fpts. I’m not paying up for Knight and Sherman. I think Madsen is the safer play.


Jared Cannonier $8700 – Many people like Kelvin Gastelum, and I just don’t get it. Cannonier is the bigger guy with significant knockout power (heavyweight power). If Gastelum wants to trade in the pocket with Cannonier, he will lose because there’s no way that Gastelum can take a clean shot from Cannonier, and his defense has been known to have lapsed. I still think that the fight with Adesanya took a lot out of Gastelum, and ever since that fight, Gastelum hasn’t shown me much. I just think Cannonier ends it early; he’s just the better fighter here.

Roosevelt Roberts $8400 – This is a fantastic spot for Roberts as I don’t think you’ll see many on Roberts because of his last two performances. Recency bias is pretty common in MMA, but I don’t think Roberts will have a problem with Bahamondes. Roberts is the better striker and grappler here, and I think this is a one-sided affair when it’s all said and done. 

Vince Pichel at $8200 is worth a look as well.

Split Ownership

Pantoja/Royval – Fantastic fight and, in my opinion, the best matchup on the card yet the first fight on the main card; go figure. Pantoja has multiple paths to victory, while I only see Royval possibly catching a sub. Royval’s shoulder injury is a bit of a concern, so I’ll have more of Pantoja, but man, this fight is going to be fun with submission attempts, knockdowns, transitions, and scrambles. The fight winner will be in the winning lineup and will score very well—definitely a fight of the night candidate. 


I’m not 100% all-in on one dog, but I will mix and match my lineups with Domingo Pilarte, Parker Porter, and Sasha Palatnikov. Unfortunately, I don’t think there’s a real live dog on this card which makes it tricky. 

Best of luck with your lineups, and enjoy the fights!