Apologies for last week, was super busy and couldn’t get anything out. I can’t believe Angela Hill lost via a controversial decision. She clearly won rounds 1,2 and 5, just look at the amount of strikes. Anyways, on to this weekend as Colby Covington takes on Tyron Woodley in a matchup that we would have loved 3 years ago. Unfortunately the matchup has lost it’sluster but hopefully Tyron can put forth a good performance. Let’s take a look at some fighters to target.


Khamzat Chimaev $9400 – Look, I am not all in on Chimaevand I’m not buying all the hype but I do think this is a good matchup for him. He’s far more athletic than Meerschaert and a lot younger as well. Meerschart has taken a good amount of damage and while I’m sure he’ll be extremely motivated he’s probably overmatched here. It wouldn’t hurt to take a flyer on GM3 as he is dangerous off his back, but I think Chimaevshould roll here.


Johnny Walker $8300 – I feel like this is a good bounce back spot for Walker, who has been humbled in his past two fights. He’s apparently taken the sport a lot more seriously with the move to SBG Ireland. This fight should stay on the feet and I give Walker the advantage here and I think he’s more athletic and faster than Spann. For this price point and the fact that he can end this in the first round I have to take it.

Main Event

I’ve been going back and forth about how I’m going to approach this but I’ll more than likely be 75% committed on Covington and 25% on Woodley. Woodley just looks like a fighter that is afraid to pull the trigger but I will take into the account that he has the power to put anyone’s lights out and he has a genuine hate for Covington. Maybe T-Wood comes back rejuvenated, who knows. But I think the outcome that’s more than likely is a Colby Covington decision. 


Donald Cerrone $7700 – Well here we are, Cerrone is being disrespected by the ddsmakers once again. Is Cerrone nearing the end of his career? Absolutely. I’ll admit the first 3 minutes or so I’ll be on edge but after that I think Cerrone is the way more technical guy and is leaps and bounds better on the ground. It wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see Cerrone shoot for the takedown early and he should. Niko is just too wild and I think Cerrone’s kicking game and ground attack will be the difference here.

Darren Stewart $7100 – How many times have I said Holland is a gifted fighter but his fight IQ is questionable. If he chooses to stand with Darren Stewart I think Stewart can definitely endthis early. Holland is a good grappler but I’m not entirely sure Holland can get the fight to the ground. I just think the line is too wide here and I’ll take the price on Stewart.