The wait is over, finally we have DC vs Stipe 2 this Saturday night from Anaheim, California. The main card is stacked and the prelims have quite a number of interesting fights as well. There’s been a lot of line movement for a good amount of fights, but luckily those draft kings prices stay the same. Let’s take a look….


Devante Smith $9500 – No surprise that he is the highest priced guy, he’s better in every aspect and his opponent has a pretty suspect chin. Smith is headlining the prelims and I think he’ll want to put on a really impressive performance. I’ll be shocked if he doesn’t KO him in the 1st round. He’ll be in the majoritylineups and he’ll be highly owned.

Sadiq Yusuff $9300 – I’ll have a few lineups with Sadiq as a pivot from Devante. Yusuff has the talent to end this fight early, but it is a tad pricey for my liking. I won’t have a lot of exposure, but he’ll be in a few lineups.

Hannah Cifers $9200 – Who? What? I was a tad surprised to see Hannah above 9k but here we are. How her opponent Jodie Esquibel is still in the UFC is beyond me, but I could see a scenario where Cifers gets it done inside the distance. I’ll have limited exposure but she’ll be in a few lineups and I also think she’ll be low owned.


Yoel Romero $8600 – Some say that this is the fight that the decline starts for Romero. Well his opponent is a freak of nature and is explosive, but this is a HUGE step up in competition for Costa. Romero has more paths to victory here, Costa’s only path is via KO/TKO, and I just can’t see that happening. I’m really looking to see Romero use his wrestling a lot, and I can see him scoring well. Romero is a well-seasoned vet and I think this will be a learning experience for Costa.


Ian Heinisch $8800 – I’ve always been a big fan of Heinisch, but I think this price is a tad risky. He has the talent to get the win, but can he wear down Brunson and eventually get him down to the mat? Brunson’s takedown defense is ridiculous (100%), so it’ll be interesting to see how this all plays out. 


Nate Diaz $7900 – I think Pettis will look good early, but I like the volume of Diaz to take over here. If this goes to the mat I favor Diaz as well…I don’t care about the 3 year layoff, Diaz is the better boxer with a nice reach advantage.

Casey Kenney $7800 – I can see why the line has tightened on this one. Bermudez can end this in a hurry, there’s no question, but Kenney is a really well rounded fighter with solid wrestling, better striking, and by the way he’s a BJJ black belt. Now I know Bermudez is a purple belt but I’ve seen purple belts submit brown belts and black belts, so I’m not looking at this fight in that aspect. I do think Kenney is at this time the more refined prospect. Don’t get me wrong, I’ll have a little bit of Bermudez, but way more of Kenney in my lineups.

Stipe Miocic – I’m going against the grain here and going with Stipe. I’ll have 1 or two with DC, but if Stipe can keep away from the clinch he has a really good shot to win. He’s the bigger guy and I do think the last fight was a bit of a fluke. 

Cristos Giagos $7200 – I think Giagos is pretty live here, he’s the bigger guy and I think he’s improving. I can respect many that like Klose here but Giagos can surprise some here.