Well had a great week using Ghim last time out. Spaun did make the cut but faltered on the weekend. Ghim coming inside the top 20 with two excellent rounds on the weekend was great to see. It helped significantly. It was responsible for a top 20 cash and a 5 figure cash on Draftkings. 

Ruby #1 Roger Sloan ($6700)– Sloan has played very well as of late. Three consecutive made cuts and three successive top 32 finishes. He has gained an approach in the two tournaments where that stat was tracked. He gained 7.4 strokes overall at Bermuda. He gained 3.2 strokes tee to green at the RSM. He is only 1/3 making the cut here, but he plays much better than he has in the past entering the tourney. I like him top 20 as well. 

Ruby #2: Brian Stuard ($6900)– Stuard is a straight driver of the ball and has been very solid T2G lately. He gained 1.7 strokes at Houston on approach and 4.7 on approach at the RSM. He gained 2.5 T2G at Houston and 4.5 at RSM. With those numbers, he really should have been much better at both, but he finished 50th because of poor putting performance. He has a top 10 back in 2017 here as well. He has played the tournament very often. 

Ruby #3: Wes Bryan ($6600)– Wes Bryan is a stat darling in my model last 24 rounds and in. He ranks in the top 15 previous 24 rounds until now. He fits the model of a straighter type player with good putting. He putted exceptionally well at the Sanderson Farms en route to a 12th place finish. He hasn’t lost on approach in a tournament that keeps track of that since 2018. He’s 1/2 making the cut at the OHL Classic. Not a whole lot this week, but wanted to keep it light and let you know who the Rubies were. 

Good Luck this week