Let’s start off by recapping last week like we always do. I’ll start with the bad again. JJ Spaun…woof. Went to that well way too much. Obviously I will continue to go back because I can’t get away, but wouldn’t advise it right now.  Tringale made the cut so that was nice to see. He was a little popular, but still returned some value. The Great pick of the week was Matt Nesmith coming in at a T11. Another hot ruby for the week that more than lived up to my hype of them. 2 out of 3 again this week wasn’t bad. The Coal did make the cut but finished 50th so meh if you missed out on playing him it didn’t kill you too much. 

Let’s get this week going!

Ruby #1: Nate Lashley ($6700)– Lashley hasn’t missed a cut since the Safeway Open. Gained 6.8 strokes T2G at WMPO. He’s been putting super hot lately which can be a little concerning. These aren’t the easiest greens to putt on. He gained over 2.8 strokes on approach in Phoenix as well. Sony conditions, I believe eventually wore him out and that’s why his stats didn’t look great there. I think he’s playing the best golf of his life right now and He should be able to make it through the cut this week. 

Ruby #2: Erik Van Rooyen ($7000)– EVR as we all know him doesn’t make a lot of appearances in the US for non-Majors or non WGC , but he is this week. He excels at tough golf courses. Coming off a MC in Saudi Arabia he made the previous 4 cuts finishing no worse than 38th on the Euro tour. He has gained strokes in every tournament recorded on FNGC except 1. He excels in T2G and OTT. I think both will be helpful this week. A decent putter and he might have a serious chance this week. 

Ruby #3 Corey Conners– When looking for someone who played well but didn’t score well we always look at how good they putt. Conners played lights out in Phoenix except he struggled mightily putting. He lost 3.2 strokes putting in Phoenix. He gained 5 strokes T2G and 2.5 on approach. When he’s striking it he is a very quality iron player. I like him to bounce back slightly this week. 

Coal: Patrick Rodgers– Yeah I don’t see it. Was not great at Pebble gaining strokes in pretty much only putting. Has only gained T2G in 2 of the last 6 tourneys. That’s not something that plays here well. He’s gained on approach in less than that (1). The tourney he gained on approach he gained .3 strokes. So he was average at best for his best round. Yeah no thanks. 

Good Luck this week!