Missed last week, and I apologize for that. Got insanely busy at life and yeah just ran out of time. Probably a good thing for all you. It wasn’t pretty and that cut line was insane. I’m super pumped to get this week out though. This course is amazing and everyone will love it. 

Ruby #1: Tyler Duncan ($6000)– Duncan is a straight hitter and a terrible putter. I’m relying on his accuracy off the tee to give him a lot of birdie opportunities. In a no cut event his putts won’t matter as much because we know he won’t get cut. If he has a hot putting day you never know and min priced seems like a steal. I am playing this course as an accuracy courser and Duncan fits that bill as we all know. 

Ruby #2: Ryan Palmer ($6700)– Palmer was excellent with his irons at the Shriners. He has the slight elevation dialed in. HE gained 4.4 strokes on approach at the Shriners. 34th place finish was decent as well just couldn’t find the putter and was a little squirrely off the tee which he can be from time to time. Palmer is a Tee to green monster when he is on and I feel this course can set up well for that. Palmer can get birdies and get them in bunches. I like that strategy in a no cut event. 

Corey Conners ($6900)– Once again find myself on an accuracy guy who can’t putt. This seems to be a loaded area so you can pick and choose who you like from this area. Conners below $7000 seems like good value to me. Hopefully he’s so dialed in with his irons that he has 5 footers and can go 50% on those. I up the ownership of guys who cant putt even more in no cut events because they don’t have the pressure of the cut, which I believe effects putting the most. I think it allows you to be more risky obviously in events like this and pray for a guy to get a miraculously hot putter 1 week. That’s all it takes. 

Good Luck this week