What a first day of NBA we had yesterday, the Raptors banner raising, the Battle of LA and much more to come. This season of the NBA is a lot more interesting, we now have more dynamic duo’s. rising stars and less super teams. This makes betting NBA a lot more fun and brings excitement to the game and get wrapped up in the excitement leading to you chasing bets.. But this season, I have some stats that over a long period of time has shown success when betting in the NBA. I will be focusing my bets on this information. But before i share it below, a big thanks to betlabs and actionnetwork for the information.

  • NBA non-conference games, Over of 220 total points is 63.5%
  • Good teams [.700 win %] that previously shot less than 40% and are now home go over 42.9% of the time since 2016
  • NBA teams coming off of poor offensive performances, their next games surpassed the projected point total nearly 62% of the time.
  • Second game of a back to back on the road wins 37% of the time.
  • When a team has gone over the total in home games nearly 60% of the time, if the team is a home dog, then the under will hit at 58.9%
  • Fade Public: Spread changes between 2 to 13.5 [Public on one side] 59% Wins
  • when 60% or more of tickets are on the over but the total decreases by one or more points, the under has gone (53.6%).