What’s up, Degens! It was my fault that I did not get a “Quick Bricks” NBA DFS pod uploaded today, so I decided to make it right with a short article featuring some player options I like on the 7-game NBA DFS slate for Monday, December 16th.


1.) James Harden ($12,900)– Harden is easily the top spend up, and although he will get RWB returning, he has still been a complete train. He was mushed hardcore in his last game, as the flood-gates opened with Westy sitting for rest on the 2nd leg of a back-to-back, as he only mustered up a putrid 59 fantasy points. In Harden-land, that is associated with a blue snow flake per DraftKings. Nonetheless, Harden put up 78.3 in an OT game earlier this season against this same Spurs team, and the Spurs are allowing the 4th most FPs to opposing SGs over their last five. 

2.) Russ Westy ($9,600)– For most of the same reasons, we must like RWB here as well at his price. He’s fresh off a couple days rest, Spurs are allowing the 6th most fantasy points to the PG spot over their last five, and Russ put up 55 in the OT game they played earlier this year. Look for RWB to get right back into the mix, as he has also put up three triple-doubles in three of his last six, while not seeing less than a 40-point fantasy effort in his last six as well. 

3.) Bradly Beal ($9,400)– Beal is in an excellent spot as well tonight, as the Wiz travel to DET to take on the Pistons. This is a massive pace up spot for DET, and this total is one of three highest on the board for tonight’s games. Beal has been a beast, and a usage monster for most of the season. His usage rate has topped 29.5% over his last five on the road, while he has also put up at least 39 or more FPs in his last five of six on the road as well. We already know that DET struggles a bit vs good Guards, so this is a great play, also, DET could be without both Griffin and Drummond, making this game worth lots of value.

4.) Ricky Rubio ($7,900)– Siding with Rubio here over Dame, because the matchup is way better, as POR is horrendous against both the PG and SG spot, and it is very apparent that the Suns could likely be without Devin Booker tonight as well. Rubio put up 58.8 fantasy points in the Sun’s most recent game, a game that Booker sat out against the Spurs. Rubio also sees a significant usage bump at +5.8% putting his total without Booker on the floor to 26.1%. Also, helps that Rubio has been quite the homebody this season, putting up 35 FPs or more in his last 4 at home. Great spot, nice flow in this one as well.

5.) CJ McCollum ($6,500)– Taking a stab at road McCollum here tonight. The Suns have struggled as well against the SG spot, allowing the 3rd most FPs to opposing SG’s over their last five. As mentioned above, this game should see nice pace, and I think McCollum could potentially take 15-20 shots once again. He has yet to take over 14 in his last 3 games, so this could easily be that game that no one sees McCollum and he goes for 45-50 FPs. He has topped 35 or more FPs in four of his last five to boot.


1.) Giannis Antekenoumnpo ($11,100)– Likely more than not, I just butchered the living shit out of his last name, but who really cares? He is a monster play on tonight’s slate, and it’s going to be hard to fade him being $1.8K less than Harden here on DraftKings. Giannis will also be without the services of starting PG Eric Bledsoe, in which Giannis sees a hefty 40.6% usage rate total without Bledsoe on the floor, good for a +2.6% usage bump. He’s eclipsed 51 or more FPs in four of his last six, and we know he has 70-point upside.

2.) Pascal Siakam ($8,600)– Siakam will likely go flying under-the-radar once again, as he is fresh off a 64-point fantasy game last time out, in which hardly anyone played him. Siakam continues to be a beast, and it noted this his price does somewhat cap his upside, however, he has reached value way more often than not this season. The Raptors get a lovely matchup either way tonight as they welcome in the Cavs, who are allowing the 6th most FPs to opposing PFs over their last 5 games as well. Siakam has gone for at least 41 or more FPs in his last three at home, while carrying an admirable 31.0% usage rate in his last five in TOR as well.

3.) Kristaps Porzingis ($7,800)– Going to be hard to fade Kristaps at his price. Fresh off a 51-point fantasy game against a solid front court in the Miami Heat. He saw a huge usage bump due to Luka exiting the game in the first quarter, and saw a total of 27.3% in that game as a result. According to RotoGrinders CourtIQ, Kristaps has played a total of 128.7 mins this year with Luka OFF the court, resulting in a whopping 33.2% usage rate, good for a +7.7% bump and an additional 13.48 fantasy points on average for that time with Doncic off the floor. Tonight, gets a fast-paced matchup with the Bucks, who have allowed the 8thmost fantasy points to opposing PFs over their last five as well.

4.) DeMar DeRozan ($7,400)– Going to be hard not to have a ton of DDR in the HOU/SA game-stacks, but I think that DDR is virtually fine as a one-off. He is certainly a cash game lock, but he also has been exceeding his value quite often at the current price point. He has put up 34 or more fantasy points in his last six of seven, 31 or more fantasy points in every road game this season, carrying a modest 27.2% usage rate in his last five on the road, while also having put up 42 fantasy points in this meeting that went to OT last time these two played. DDR will be a staple play for cash, and at the price, I don’t mind for GPP.

5.) Kelly Oubre ($7,000)– You know how hard it was to pick the favorite five of each position, and narrowing it down to just five? Either way, Oubre makes the fifth spot on my Forwards list since he could see a nice usage bump if Booker does likely sit tonight. Behind Rubio, it is Oubre that sees the next biggest jump. He sees his usage rate jump to 25.9% total, good for a +3.4% bump without Booker on the floor. Oubre has been consistent as of late as well, putting up at least 30 or more FPs in four of his last five, and gets a fast-paced spot tonight against a POR team that struggles against the SF spot. Like the play quite a bit.

6.) Khris Middleton ($$6,900)- OK, I lied, had to make it six due to the love for Middleton as well. Middleton has been great since returning from injury. He will likely be a bit chalky tonight, that’s why I put Oubre first, but Middleton is also a cash game lock as well. He is now back to seeing his regular allotment of mins, putting up 35 or more FPs in his last six, sees a hefty 31.0% usage rate without Eric Bledsoe on the floor as well, which is good for a +4.06% bump in usage, and the highest bump on the team in that regard.


1.) Andre Drummond ($9,300)– Drummond’s price is silly at best if he happens to play tonight. Talking about a guy that has topped 52 or more FPs in his last three home games, and would get a depleted WAS frontcourt, which is already a masterful matchup, BUT the Pistons could also be without Blake Griffin. If this is the scenario, and how it turns out, I will be 100% Drummond tonight at home vs the Wiz. Don’t over-think this one.

2.) Bam Adebayo ($8,200)– Bam has quietly been a monster lately, and no one is talking about it. He has notched out 52 or more fantasy points in four of his last five, while carrying only a 21.4% usage rate. His fantasy value has not just been in scoring however, as he has also seen a 29.3 AST%, and a 15.4 REB% as well in his last 5 games, which show that he has been filling up the sheet nicely. He has recorded a double-double in his last five, while recording TWO triple-doubles in his last THREE! Gets another great matchup here tonight on the road in a pace-up game with Memphis.

3.) Hassan Whiteside ($8,100)– Hassan been doing a ton of work lately as well, going for 42+ FPs in his last five. Carrying a modest 21.0% usage rate for a Center, which is fantastic. He is also seeing a 114.0 OFFRTG, and a 19.7 REB%, which we know he wants to be the rebounding champ for the season. He has only failed in three games this season to not record a double-double, and tonight he gets a generous matchup in PHO against the Suns, who will likely be play a smaller Frank Kaminsky for most of the game at the 5.

4.) Clint Capela ($7,600)– Capela always goes way under-the-radar, and for reasons I really do not know. We forget that he’sbeen averaging 15.6 rebounds over his last like 10-12 games. We forget that he averages 33.3 mins a game typically, and that he has went for 35 FPs or more in his last five. We do know that the Spurs are allowing the 5th most FPs to opposing Centers however, AND Capela accrued 58 fantasy points against this same Spurs team in the OT thriller earlier this season. Capela is always sneaky-good.

5.) Steven Adams ($6,700)– You simply cannot deny Adams over this last 5-8 game performances. Adams has been a beast. He has put up 41, 36, and 42 in his last three contests, while putting up 34 or more FPs in his last four of five in OKC. He has a double-double in five of his last seven, AND he gets a nut matchup tonight against a Bulls team that is allowing the 4th most fantasy points to opposing Centers over their last five, and pretty much all season. Don’t sleep on Adams at the price tonight.


GUARDS – Jordan Clarkson ($4,800)-, JJ Barea/Seth Curry/Jalen Brunson, Delon Wright (pick your poison), Patty Mills ($4,700), Norman Powell ($5,500), Ish Smith ($5,300 IF NO IT), Donte DiVencenzo ($4,600), Kevin Porter JR. ($3,800).

FORWARDS—Luke Kennard ($5,400), Christian Wood ($4,500 IF NO BLAKE and/or DRUMM) AND Markieff Morris ($3,900), Derrick Jones Jr. ($4,200), Troy Brown Jr. ($5,200), Kelly Olynyk ($4,200), Mikel Bridges/Cam Johnson, 

CENTERS—Jaren Jackson Jr. ($6,300), Marc Gasol ($5,800), Frank Kaminsky ($4,800), P.J. Tucker ($4,400 Don’t knock it til you try it), Ian Mahinmi (starting @ $4,100), Dwight Powell/Maxi Kleber ($4,000/$3,500) Should see usage go up without Doncic as well).