Welcome back, Degens! We have another five-game slate in the Association as we inch closer to the playoffs! As usual, I will do three player options for each position, the Top, Mid and Value tier! Let’s get into it!


TOP: Luka Doncic ($11,300) – With two of the teams that already clinched their spots in the playoffs in the Lakers and Bucks, we may see these teams elect to put an ease on their top players, which is bad for fantasy. This will not be the case for the Mavericks, who are still playing for seeding in the playoffs. The Mavericks are actually facing the Clippers, who could potentially be a playoff matchup. Luka continues to play heavy minutes for the Mavs, playing 44 in his last game, and 38 and 42 in the other two since the restart. He has already recorded two triple-doubles out of the three games as well and leads the team in usage rate at 33.1%. He is averaging a shade over 70 DraftKings fantasy points for the three-game span. 

MID: Reggie Jackson ($5,800) – I know you look and see his price and are like, “WTF?” Well, it is for a good reason, and I am glad that DraftKings decided to update his worth with the news that Pat Beverly will be sitting. Reggie played 34 minutes in the Clippers first game of the restart, a game that Pat Bev did not play in as well, so we can already lock him in for a 30+ min starter role for tonight’s game against the Mavericks. I know he is still likely the 3rd-4th option behind both Kawhi and Paul George, and also will likely be behind Marcus Morris on the offensive side of the ball, however, he generally can add stats in most categories including points, rebounds, assists, and steals. One thing we do know, the minutes will be there. 

VALUE: Monte Morris ($4,700) – Something is still lingering with Jamal Murray and keeping him off the floor. He very well could return today with the likes of Will Barton as well for the Nuggets, but whoever is starting at the PG spot, is likely a player I want a piece of (Barring any restrictions for Murray if he is in). POR has struggled mightily against the PG spot, and Monte has played very well in the spot of Murray over the first three games for the Nuggets. He has put up 23, 30, and 30 DraftKings points in those three starts, while seeing 28, 39, and 35 minutes per game also. This game should have some decent tempo, and in the event,  Murray does sit once again, Monte is just too cheap for this matchup.


TOP: James Harden ($10,700) – As mentioned above, the Rockets are also still playing for playoff seeding, AND they could potentially be without starting PG Russell Westbrook, who is dealing with a bruised quad. Let me put this into context when RWB was out in the earlier part of the NBA regular season, Harden carried a usage rate near 40% in those games, so this would be an absolute no-brainer. His price did come down a little, and I expect him to be gunning pretty heavy against the Lakers tonight either way. Harden has come back down to life a little after his initial game where he went for 85 fantasy points, as he has just put up 56 and 44 in his last two, but we know he has the 70-80 fantasy point upside, and the Lakers have actually been giving up some pretty big games to opposing guards over their first three games. 

MID: Devin Booker ($8,300) – Booker is fresh off a game-winning shot against the Clippers to not only bring his team to 3-0 since the restart but also put a cap on a 54 DraftKings fantasy point effort. Putting up this kind of line, 35 actual, four rebounds, and eight assists is not an easy feat to do against the Clippers, but Booker is a different breed. Booker has topped 40 or more fantasy points in all three of the games played so far, is playing at least 31 or more minutes as well, and carrying a massive usage rate of 34.8%. Today, they face the Pacers, who could be without starting PG Malcolm Brogdon. Have to think Booker continues his hot start. 

VALUE: Dion Waiters ($3,700) – It was pretty evident that the Lakers were not ready to play against the Thunder yesterday, and it was almost like they partied just a bit too hard the night before after clinching the 1-seed in the West. As a result, the blow-out allowed a few players to see some extended run, and Waiters was one of those players. He played 26 minutes in route to 14 points, two rebounds, two dimes, a steal, and a block, which was good for 23.5 DK fantasy points. Dion has not seen at least 20 or more minutes only one out of the four games the Lakers have played, and the one he didn’t, he still saw 19 minutes. Waiters has literally been the main ball-handler for the Laker’s 2nd unit, he is carrying the third highest usage rate on the team at 23.2% behind only both LBJ and AD, and we have to love the matchup against the Rockets tonight. 


TOP: TJ Warren ($8,400) – I don’t believe I can pay up for LBJ tonight. Just know that his head is likely ready for the playoffs, and the rest of these regular-season games don’t matter to him or the Lakers. Warren has continued his hot streak for three-games in a row and has put up 70.5, 69.8, and 49 DK fantasy points over that span. As mentioned above, the Pacers could be without Brogdon tonight, and that will only help Warren’s case once again. This guy has been a literal walking bucket since the restart, and he is leading the team in usage at 28.5%. He has scored at least 30 or more actual, averaging around five boards, three assists, two steals, and a little over two blocks per game. Not to mention, he has averaged 24 FGAs per game as well. Just simply too many pros on Warren tonight, especially if Brogdon sits, against the Suns to not warrant a play here. 

MID: Michael Porter Jr. ($6,400) – Well, they raised Porter’s price just a mere $200 bucks after he once again dropped a 50+ DK fantasy point performance against the Spurs yesterday. I get that both Barton and Murray could return tonight; however, this has been Porter Jr.’s time over the last two games for the Nuggets, and he is straight balling. He is 2nd on the team in terms of usage at 23.7% for all three games, only behind Jokic. He has scored 30 and 37 actual in their last two, while securing 12 and 15 rebounds, with at least one block as well in both. The guy is a stud, and there is no way I am fading him tonight against a bad defensive team in POR. IF, a big IF, Murray and Barton are in, I likely will decrease my exposure a small bit, but no way I am fading his hot streak. 

VALUE: Andre Iguodala ($3,300) – With Jimmy Butler set to miss another game for the Heat, it was Iggy who played the most minutes, and seems like had the most impact on the game with him sitting in the Heat’s last game against the Celtics. Tonight, is no different, as the Heat take on the Bucks, who could also have their head’s looking towards the playoffs and not exactly worried about the rest of these regular season games. The Heat, much like the Mavericks, are still playing for seeding in the playoffs, and I expect them to highly be gunning to win this game. Iggy was all over the stat-sheet against Boston, playing 31 minutes on the day, putting up six points, eight boards, four dimes, a steal and two blocks as well, which was good for 28 DK fantasy points. He didn’t shoot that well, as he only went two-for-five from the field, and all six of those were three-point attempts, in which he only made one of the six. Look for a bit of a better shooting night and expect the peripherals to continue as posted against Boston. Like the value here on Iggy. 


TOP: Giannis Antekokounmpo ($11,000) – Not sure how much Giannis I will have, but I do believe if he sees his regular number of minutes against the Heat tonight, that he could still have a beautiful fantasy game. Will be watching the news before the slate starts to see if Bude will hold any players back in terms of minutes, as they have already clinched the 1-seed in the East, and in the event that he does, I will likely be pivoting off. This is a watch-and-see type play, and we know that Giannis has put up monster fantasy games in less than 30 minutes multiple times and is one of the only players in the game today that doesn’t need 35+ minutes to put up 55-60 fantasy points.

MID: Robert Covington ($6,500) – RoCo continues to play heavy minutes for the rockets and is one of the safer plays on the slate today against the Lakers. He has played 36, 37, and 43 minutes since the restart while putting up 23, 36, and 45 DK fantasy points over that span as well. He doesn’t make his money on the offensive side of the ball, but he supplies a great source of rebounds, steals, and blocks, with the occasional great shooting night from the three-point line, in which will really pad his stats on DraftKings. I believe this is a good spot for RoCo, and I will likely have quite a bit.

VALUE: Kelly Olynyk ($4,800) – Kelly O got the start in the Heat’s last game with Butler sitting, and he made the most of it, playing 32 minutes on the day, putting up 15 points, six boards, eight dimes, a block, and two steals in route to a 41 DK fantast point effort. He has topped 30 fantasy points in all three games since the restart, while playing 24, 31, and 32 minutes as well. He is playing some of his best basketball, and the Heat are utilizing him in great fashion. He should continue to see heavy minutes with Butler out, and he fills the sheet. His price is still very affordable, and if anything, it is still a bit short for his production lately.


TOP: Nikola Jokic ($9,500) – As stated above, Jokic is still leading the team in usage, and even if Murray and Barton rejoin the starting lineup, I believe this won’t really affect his usage very much. The offense still flows through Jokic and he has already recorded one triple-double in the first three games for DEN. He is fresh off a 50-fantasy point effort against the Spurs, and you have to like the spot tonight against POR for him as well. 

MID: Kristaps Porzingis ($8,500) – Think this price on Kristaps is just a little short, as we have seen him play 39 and 37 minutes in his first two games, in route to 53 and 70 fantasy point efforts. If there was another big fade we had earlier in the season, it was Centers against the Clippers. KP isn’t very far behind Luka in terms of usage as Luka sits at 33%, and KP sits at 32.4% for the three-game span, and I feel that KP could be utilized just a bit more tonight with his size and athleticism against Zubac. He only played 27 minutes in the Mav’s last game on the 4th, so he has had a couple of days off as well, and I fully expect him to get back into the upper 30-minute range for tonight’s matchup against the Clippers.

VALUE: JaVale McGee ($3,300) – McGee was able to see a small addition of minutes with the absence of Dwight Howard in the Laker’s most recent game, where he saw 22 minutes on the floor. We know that if there is one weakness the Rockets have, it is the front court in terms of size. Javalle could have quite the game tonight, and especially if Howard sits once again, and allows McGee to get those extra minutes. His price is near minimum, and this seems like a game where he can excel quite well in terms of fantasy production! Watch for the Howard news.