Back for part #2 of the 3-part segment of the NBA DFS/Fantasy: One to Watch From Every Team For 19′-20′! Hopefully everyone got a chance to read part one that was released over the weekend -Saturday, the 21st! Look for part 3 to be out later this week, or over the next weekend. Not really sure how much pre-season content I will be able to bust out for you guys, but if you would like to get some more of my work, I will also be writing content for @FantasyAlarm all NBA season as well, and they have some really great tools for all sports as well!

Enough chatter, so this article again will feature the 2nd set of 10 (30 teams, 10/10/10) players that I believe you should have on the radar, watch list, draft que, etc. Let’s get to it!


11.) HOUSTON ROCKETS- Danuel House (6’7 220, Texas A&M)– House was a victim to roster conditions early in theseason, and was ultimately offered a fully guaranteed 3-year contract, but turned it down in the essence of wanting HOU to just convert his 2-way contract. As a result, House was sent down to the G-League after the disagreement on the contract, only to be signed later in the off-season as soon as free agency began to a 3-year, 11.1M deal. House was featured in 39 games for the Rockets last season, started in 13 of them. As a starter, House vg 11.2 ppg, 4.2 rpg, and 1.5 dimes a game, while also seeing an average of 29.8 minutes per game. Now, it was a small sample, but House brings a .41% 3pt% and a sheet-stuffing fantasy out-look if given the floor-time. Of course, it will be hard to get many looks when you have both Russ, and Harden, however, he could be a nice option. 

12.) INDIANA PACERS- Malcolm Brogdon (IND Pacers 6’5 230, Georgia)- Brogdon was quietly one of the more efficient guards that played for the MIL bucks over the last 3 years, averaging 28.1 mpg, 12.8 ppg, 3.5 rpg, and 3.6 apg over the time span. Last season, Brogdon played in 64 games for the Bucks, carrying at 20.9 usage rate, while playing 28.6 mpg, 15.6 ppg, 4.5 rpg, and 3.2 apg. With the retirement of Darren Collison, Brogdon should fall right into a nice PG starting job for the Pacers this season alongside stand-out guard Vic Oladipo.

13.) LOS ANGELES CLIPPERS Montrezl Harrell (6’8 245, Louisville) Harrell had quite the break-out season last year, even though he was considered a “reserve” player. Harrell only started 5 games out of 83, and saw the other 77 as one of the first players off the Clippers bench along with Sweet Lou Williams. Harrell flourished in this role, as he averaged 16.7 ppg, 6.7 rpg, and 2.0 apg, not to mention a 1.1 swats per game to boot. Harrell will still be a focal point of the Clippers team, no matter what “role” he is in. I would be working him up your draft boards. A double-double threat pretty much every game, with nice upside on other stats.

14.) LOS ANGELESE LAKERS- Quinn Cook (6’2 180, Duke)– The Former Duke stand-out will assume his first season in the NBA with a new team, the Lakers. The former 2x NBA champ will now join the likes of LBJ and Anthony Davis over at the LakeShow, where he should fall into a nice 2nd unit role. Assuming LBJ and Rondo share the first unit responsibilities at the floor-general spot, I will look at Cook to get most of this role on the 2nd team. Not a major fantasy asset, but I would look to shoot your shot on Cook in the later rounds of deeper drafts. Rondo is an injury away from retirement, and any injury to Danny Green will allow Cook to gain a bigger role.

15.) MEMPHIS GRIZZLIES- Grayson Allen (6’5 200, Duke) While the Grizzlies have essentially went full youth-movement, this plays very nicely into the former Duker star’s future in the NBA. Allen was dished over to the Grizzlies from the Utah Jazz over the off-season, and I think it was a great move for the Grizz. Who are now starting 2 very young players in Ja Morant, and 2nd year stud Jaren Jackson Jr. I would look for Allen to make a very early splash, as he possesses some really nice upside. Listed behind Dillion Brooks currently on the depth chart at the 2-guard, I expect Allen to push for that spot pretty hard. We know he can score, as evidence by his couple spot starts for Utah last season, where he managed a 40-point performance over 40 mins played, and a 23-point performance in the other start in 26.5 minutes.

16.) MIAMI HEAT Justise Winslow (6’7 225, Duke)– On a roll with the former Duke studs here, but Winslow is now entering his 5th NBA season, all with the Miami Heat. Winslow turned into a big-time player last season for the Heat, starting in 52 games, averaging 12.9 ppg. 5.6 rpg, 4.8 apg, and a smidge over a take-away a game. He also rarely left the floor, as he averaged 30.3 mins per game, and carried a modest 21.4 usage rate. I am looking very much forward to seeing the new Heat squad with newly acquired stud, Jimmy Buckets Butler. I see this being quite the 1-2 punch.

17.) MINNESOTA T-WOLVES Jarrett Culver (6’5 200, Texas Tech)– The NCAA tourney finals stud that was part of a dynamic duo leading the Red Raiders through the field of the tournament was no other than the new (more than lilkely) starting 3-4 for the TWolves, is no other than Jarrett Culver. The Wolves were lucky enough that the Suns were looking to make moves on draft day, and then in turn dished off Culver to the Wolves for Dario Saric and the 11th round pick in the draft, Cam Johnson. Culver almost doubled his output from his first season in 17’-18’ (11.2 ppg, 4.8 rpg, 1.8 apg) for the Red Raiders compared to his 18’-19’ NCAA runner-up finishing season (18.5 ppg, 6.4 rpg, 3.7 apg). I would absolutely look for Culver to be a very nice option for early playing time with the T-Wolves, and if you haven’t watch him play, do yourself a favor and go check out some highlights on YouTube, kid is a STUD.

18.) MILW BUCKS- Pat Connaughton (6’4 210, Notre Dame)– First off, I was kind of impressed at the height and size of Pat to be quite honest. Secondly, The Bucks have some nice young talent, but most of it is buried on the depth chart, but for good reason. When you have guys like Giannis and Kris Middleton, and Eric Bledsoe, with some veterans behind them as well, its tough to gauge a good “fantasy” player to watch on this team. However, I am rolling with Pat here as he was an asset of the bench last season, and a nice spot-starter at times. Connaughton averaged 20.3 mpg, 6.8 ppg, 4.1 rpg, and 1.9 apg, while carrying the reserve role. He is usually one of the first offthe bench, and his 3-point prowess adds extra value to his fantasy outlook. Not going to be a major player again, look at whats in front, but he will be a staple play for the Bucks again this season.

19.) New Orleans Pelicans- Jaxson Hayes (6’11 225, Texas)– The former 18’-19’ Big 12 Rookie of the year should slot well right into the Pelicans rotation alongside Zion and Favors. I know, I know, everyone is asking me why I am not writing about Zion. Well, everyone already knows about zion, and this is a “WATCH” list. So, I shall write about Jaxson Hayes, as he looks to have a very nice role spelling veteran Derrick Favors at the 5 this season. Hayes possesses unreal size and athleticism, ranked 13th overall in the Big 12 in rebounds, 3rd in blocks per game at 2.2, first in FG%, 2nd in player efficiency rating, and also 1st in the NCAA and BIG12 in TS%. Needless to say, this cat can really be a force down-low, and I believe him and Zion will make a beastly front-court.

20.) NEW YORK KNICKS- Marcus Morris (6’9 235, Kansas)– Again, I could write in RJ Barrett here as he was the big draft pick for the Knicks, but I believe ill watch Morris here instead. Morris didn’t really know where he wanted to go in the offseason, first being signed by the Spurs, and then said….ahhhh, well the Knicks want to pay me more, so ill go there. Lots did not like this move by Morris, nonetheless Morris will again be relevant for fantasy this season, and highly more than likely than he was in Boston under Danny Ainge. Morris is listed behind Kevin Knox on the depth chart at the 3 at the current moment, but I would expect that to change. Morris now entering his 11th season, was quite the player last season. Morris averaged 27.9 mpg, while playing 53 of his 75 games in a starter role. He averaged 13.9 ppg, 6.1 rpg, and 1.5 apg, all while shooting a pretty damn good 37.5% from 3-pt range. Not to mention, he carried a decent 20.9 usage rate as well. I would look for Marcus to be featured quite often, and also to be starting at an early point in the season. (but then again, it is the Knicks (*shrug emolji*).