What’s up DFS Nation!! I hope everyone had a nice and profitable weekend. Today we’re going to put a freaky friday that we had in the rear view. This is a new week! We need to stay positive and hungry! There is a nice 9 game main slate on DraftKings tonight and what a way for us to start off the week. And let’s start it off right! Are you ready??!!! I said ARE YOU READY???!!!!!! LET’S GET READY TOOOOOO BREAKKKKK SLATESSSSSSSS!!!! And if you’re not down with that I got two words for ya!! No, wait I really don’t but let’s win some money babyyyy!!!!!

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Disclaimer: Remember people, I am not a professional, just an avid NBA fan who loves the sport and loves DFS. We are betting on human beings here which is probably the hardest thing to bet on. Some days we will win. Some days we will lose.  I will never argue with any member of any community about who they want to play on any given night. However, if you would like my opinion on a particular player I will gladly help you any way that I can if you ask me. My slogan is “If you like him, play him”. It’s your money and I can’t spend it for you. If I don’t get back to you right away, it’s because I am just like you and work a full time job and I do this in my down time here. I promise to get back to you.  Some players who are studs I may not mention in detail here in this article but will be displayed in the “Players I like but did not mention here” portion of the write up towards the end. All stats mentioned are accurate as of today and screenshots can be provided upon request. Credit: Fantasy Sports Degens,RotoWire, Fantasy Alarm, and DFS Wolfpack.

Favorite Plays on the Slate:  (In no particular order) ( PG-C position)

Ricky Rubio (PHX) vs. MIN ($7,000) PG

Rubio is starting to look like a line cook out here the way he’s been dishing out passes lately. In Rubio’s past 3 of 4 games, He’s had over 13 assists per game in that period!! We all know Rubio is not a marksman with his shot but man can he stuff the stat sheets in the assists column. Tonight he faces a Wolves team that is ranked 4th worst on the season against opposing point guards. Rubio’s price has rose a little here but I think this is a safe pick tonight for your lineup especially with the way Rubio has been producing as of late. Senor’ Rubio we just sat a party of two, can you please serve us up something spectacular tonight please??!! Nice mid-tier point guard option tonight.

D’Angelo Russell (GS) vs. MEM ($7,700) PG/SG    

You may want to take advantage of this price for Russell tonight as it’s only a matter of time before this dude goes off! Russell is nursing a thumb injury but he’s had two more days of rest and Steve Kerr has monitored his minutes the past 3 games and it’s starting to look like his minutes are rising slightly every game. I think Russell is a nice mid tier option at point guard. I don’t care that Ja Morant may play tonight and it shouldn’t affect Russell at all if he does. I trust Russell more than Morant and it’s only a matter of time before Russell has a monster game. I want to be on board for that tonight. If I can get 35-40 FPTs from a player that has a 60 FPT ceiling tonight in a good matchup, I’ll be very happy and so will you. A tiny hair volatile, but still a solid play in a good matchup tonight at point guard or shooting guard on DraftKings. 

Russell Westbrook (HOU) vs. SAC ($9,600) PG

Westbrook also has a tasty matchup tonight at home vs. the Kings. It’s almost like the old WWF days when the Ultimate Warrior would face off against some fat jobber named Joe Myers or something like that and absolutely squash him in minutes. Well, Westbrook faces off against Cory Joseph tonight and Westbrook has been on a bit of a hot streak his past few games. 3 Triple Doubles in his past 3 games is nothing to scoff at, and that is the Westbrook we’ve been waiting to see all season. This is a carbon copy of the player he was when he played for the Thunder. Since De’Aaron Fox has been injured, there’s been a legit weak link at the point and I see no reason why Westbrook doesn’t absolutely exploit the Kings tonight. He’s my favorite spend up point guard on the slate and he’s averaging 1.45 FPTs per minute in his last 5 games. Start him up with confidence if you are looking to build your lineup around a superstar point guard tonight. Go Get Em’ Westy!

Kemba Walker (BOS) vs. CLE ($8,100) PG  

Kemba has a great matchup tonight at home vs. the Cavs. What you need to watch out for in this game though is the blowout factor. The question here is, Can Kemba get you the value you seek for the minutes he plays before this game gets out of hand? It’s questionable but I always like to play the point guard in a blowout game because they always have the ball in their hands for the most part. The Cavs are ranked 9th worst against opposing point guards in their past 5 games. The last time Walker played the Cavs he dropped 46.5 FPTs in 33 minutes played. If Kemba can produce that scoring total tonight again or come close to it then it is worth the investment at this price. He’s not cheap but it’s a great matchup and he should come through even if this game gets out of hand, which I definitely think it will. This is not a great play due to the blowout factor, but I have confidence he will produce just fine. Solid option.

James Harden (HOU) vs. SAC ($12,000) PG/SG

I cannot fade Harden even at this price. Even though Harden has struggled with his shot as of late, it really doesn’t matter because he will continue to keep shooting and shoot a bunch! They will fall in and tonight he gets a good matchup vs. the Kings.  In Harden’s past 5 games he’s averaging 1.67 FPTs per minute, You don’t fade that kind of production even at this price. He’s the top spend up option at shooting guard tonight. Kings are 6th worst against the position their past 5 games and Harden realistically has a 70-75 FPTs ceiling in a matchup like this tonight. Let the haters hate but one thing we all don’t hate is MONEY! Top tier shooting guard. 

Andrew Wiggins (MIN) @ PHX ($7,300) SG/SF

Like I always say, I love when great players play the Lakers and don’t do well! Wiggins’ price drops $300 and we’re now the beneficiaries of this value! Before Wiggins’ game vs LA, he was averaging 39.75 FPTs per game over his last 5 games. I think Wiggins and Booker tonight could have a scoring battle. I like Wiggins at this value much more than Booker. I’m not saying I don’t like Booker as well, I just know how volatile he can be and if I can get Wiggins for $1,200 cheaper and build another stud in my lineup, I’d just rather go that route. You may not. Booker is not a great defender so Wiggins should have no problems producing tonight. Good mid-tier option at shooting guard.

Devin Booker (PHX) vs. MIN ($8,500) PG/SG

With regards to what I stated about Booker in the Wiggins play description, This doesn’t mean I don’t like Booker. I just hate his price. Can Booker get you 50-70 FPTs on any given night. Absolutely! He dropped 65.0 FPTs in his last meeting with Minnesota. The question is are you willing to risk to spend up on Booker in hopes of getting that same point total tonight when there is other  decent values on this slate? I’m recommending him because he does produce well on MOST nights, but I also want to make sure you’re aware of the risk involved here too. Remember, the last time Booker played the Wolves, Rubio was out. That humongous point total may have had something to do with it. It also may not have. I like him but there is risk involved at this price. Buyer Beware but solid pay up option nonetheless. 

Kris Dunn (CHI) vs. TOR ($5,100) PG/SF

Here’s a nice punt at small forward. Toronto is the worst team at defending opposing small forwards this year. Dunn saw 34 minutes last night in Miami and put up a solid 30.75 FPTs. Dunn is young and this back to back shouldn’t affect him in the least. If Dunn sees another 30 minutes of action tonight, he could put up solid stats. Remember this is a value play not a definite. The matchup and his minutes align perfectly tonight, all we need now is the production to come through. If Dunn reaches 26 FPTs or more you’re in the clear for a really nice night. I can see a potential 5-5 ½ times value tonight. Decent punt play.

Jaylen Brown (BOS) vs. CLE ($6,900) SG/SF

Another great matchup tonight is Jaylen Brown against the Cavs. Again, this game could have blow out written all over it but Brown gets a ton of usage in this offense and at this price, he’s a value I cannot ignore. Brown has averaged a solid 1.08 FPTs per minute in his last 5 games and I can only see that average going up tonight against the Cavs. There should be plenty of time for him to produce as long as this thing isn’t over in the first quarter. Although, even in blowouts this year, Brown is still getting 30 plus minutes so there really shouldn’t be too much concern here. Solid mid-tier option at small forward.

Danilo Gallinari (OKC) @ UTA ($6,600) SF/PF

Gallinari is in a great spot tonight in Utah. The Jazz in their past ten games are in the bottom 3 defensively against opposing power forwards and Gallinari earlier in the season put up 30.9 FPTs on them as well. For his price tonight on DraftKings, we need him to expand upon that performance. I think Gallinari has a realistic ceiling in this matchup of 38-40 FPTs and the Jazz haven’t looked like the team we were talking about in the offseason. I have a really good feeling about Gallinari producing well for your lineup tonight. Solid mid-tier option at power forward.

Domantas Sabonis (IND) vs. LAC ($7,800) PF/C

Sabonis has a nice matchup tonight against Mo Harkless and he may see some of Paul George too but I can’t look past the fact that the Clippers are coming off a back to back and they are giving up the 7th most FPTs per game to opposing power forwards in their last 5 games. I know you guys are like what’s the deal with you and past 5 games? Well, I like to ride the hot hand, if a team is struggling against a position and a star player like Sabonis steps up, you’re in a pretty damn good situation. I know the Clippers are generally a good defensive team but all defenses have weaknesses to exploit. Tonight, I think Sabonis should have himself a really nice night and he’s at home. He’s a safe a pick as any at the power forward position as he’s averaging a really nice 1.25 FPTs per min and he’s better at home. Nice Price, Safe solid play at power forward.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) vs. ORL ($11,300) SF/PF 

Aaron Gordon doesn’t stand a chance tonight. I’m hoping this game stays competitive as the Bucks have been on a reign of terror lately. I will not say that anyone on this slate is unfadable but Giannis is definitely a player I can’t look past. I feel like a good prediction is that his ceiling is around 60-65 FPTs tonight and he should just have a solid game. He should get you 5-5 ½ times value at his price, who knows maybe more if it stays close. 

Blake Griffin (DET) @ NO ($7,200) PF

Nice matchup here for Griffin as he will see a lot of Brandon Ingram tonight. Griffin needs to utilize his strength advantage and post up on Ingram as much as he can tonight and take all the easy baskets. I think Griffin should have a solid game tonight in New Orleans, in fact, since Griffin had a team only meeting last week, his past 3 games he’s produced an average of 36.42 FPTs per game and in his last two games he’s played well over 30 minutes. His price has risen but I’m pretty confident Griffin is a solid mid tier power forward you can confidently use in your lineup tonight.  Plus Griffin plays better in away games this year averaging an additional 1.8 FPTs per game this season. 

Montrezl Harrell (LAC) @ IND ($6,800) PF/C or Ivica Zubac (LAC) @ IND ($4,500) Center

Harrell has more upside even though he comes off the bench, but Zubac when on the floor is a FPT per minute machine!  Both only played 25 and 21 minutes respectively last night and tonight they get a good matchup vs. Myles Turner and the Pacers. I love Zubac because he can matchup height wise with Turner and it may hurt Turners ability to get blocks, I love Harrell because he also benefits from no Kawhi and he’s athletic and strong and gets to the basket in a hurry and he’s an aggressive rebounder. Both are good plays, Zubac is worth a punt if he sees over 20 minutes tonight at his price. Harrell is worth a start in a good matchup, Turner does have a height advantage on Harrell by 4 inches but if Harrell uses his athleticism on Turner, it could be a nice night. Upside to Harrell, Low risk/high reward for Zubac.

Tristan Thompson (CLE) @ BOS ($6,000) Center

Thompson is dirt cheap tonight! There is a blowout factor as previously mentioned but Thompson is also a FPT per minute threat when on the floor (1.1 FPTs per minute on the season). Boston is 11th worst at defending opposing centers in the past 5 games and Thompson put up 44.3 FPTs on the Celtics earlier this season. The Cavs haven’t gotten any better since their last meeting so I feel Thompson is more safe than volatile but there is always the blowout factor that could knock his value. He’s too cheap for me to ignore.

Clint Capela (HOU) vs. SAC ($7,400) Center

I really like Capela tonight vs. the Kings. He’s been a little underwhelming his past two games but he should bounce back tonight against Holmes. Kings are average against opposing centers but I can’t overlook his price tonight. I’m hoping he heats up and takes care of business. This is more a gut pick than one based around stats. You make the final call but I think he’s a great mid-tier option tonight at center for the Rockets. 

Andre Drummond (DET) @ NO ($10,100) Center

I don’t care if it’s Jaxson Hayes, Derrick Favors, or Gheorghe Muresan guarding Drummond tonight in the Big Easy. Drummond is a wrecking machine that will have a field day with rookie Jaxson Hayes, He could post Favors into another back injury and Gheorghe Muresan? Oh yeah that’s right he doesn’t play anymore but he did make hilarious commercials back in the day. I’ve hated spending up for Drummond in the past but with this New Orleans frontcourt very inexperienced and with it’s veteran banged up, Drummond should put up another nice game tonight. He’s averaging a monster 1.59 FPTs per minute in his last 5 games and I don’t see that momentum stopping tonight. Great spend up option at center tonight for your lineup!! 

Final Thoughts:

I’m ok with using Jeff Teague at $6,200 if you need a mid-tier point guard with potential tonight against the Suns, his ankle worries me a bit, but he should produce. Culver is projected to start and could be a decent punt play at only $4,800.

If Fred VanVleet is cleared to play tonight with no restrictions, I have no problem with starting him against Chicago. It’s tougher matchup but if his injury is minor, VanVleet could have a sneaky nice night and he will probably be low owned due to injury fears from other draftkings players. Check injury reports for more information. 

Karl Anthony Towns is dirt cheap tonight against Phoenix at only $9,300. He loses some production with Wiggins in the fold. Baynes may return but that shouldn’t impact KAT too much. At under 10k this is a good time to input him in your lineup.

Pascal Siakam is in play at $7,900. The Chicago frontcourt can be exposed like Bill Cosby at a nightclub.

I’m fading Morant if he plays tonight, I need to see his body of work returning from back spasms before I’m willing to spend almost 7k on him tonight.

I’m also fading Brandon Ingram. You don’t have to but I’m not a fan of him against Blake Griffin tonight. 

Shai Gilgeous Alexander gets a boost since Mitchell from the Jazz will most likely be matched up against Paul for most of the night with Conley out. SGA has produced 30 plus FPTs in 3 of his last 4 games. He’s $6,600 so hoping to get five times value against a struggling Jazz team. 

Jeremy Lamb is in play for me since Brogdon will see a bunch of Beverley tonight. Lamb has the better matchup and he’s only $6,000 tonight.

JJ Redick gets matched up with Tony Snell tonight. I like that matchup as long as it stays that way. Redick is only $4,800!!

Danuel House $4,800 and Ben McLemore $5,300 are definitely both in play for me. Choose one? Whom do you think will have more potential? 

The Core 5:   (These are my favorite players at every position tonight. These are not locks as I don’t believe in ever calling a player a lock. These are my favorite plays at every position and are not meant to be a method of an example lineup. The Core 5 has been a section I’ve received requests to do by our followers of the website and in the fb group I do the article for as well. Without further ado, here are my Core 5.

PG: Russell Westbrook (HOU) vs. SAC ($9,600) PG

SG: Andrew Wiggins (MIN) @ PHX ($7,300) SG/SF

SF: Jaylen Brown (BOS) vs. CLE ($6,900) SG/SF

PF: Domantas Sabonis (IND) vs. LAC ($7,800) PF/C

Center: Andre Drummond (DET) @ NO ($10,100) Center

Thank you all for reading! I hope we all can climb Mount Cashonia tonight!!! Good luck!!! 

I’m available as always for any questions regarding any player throughout the day!