What’s up peeps!! I hope everyone had a fruitful night in NBA DFS last night.  I was honored to receive a few private messages from some great people who follow the article and they shared some great screenshots of them winning some decent money last night. What can I say, it made me feel great! This is why I do it guys, I always loved writing and playing NBA DFS on DraftKings and I always hated losing to sharks. One day I was sitting at work and thought of an idea to help people fight off them sharks alongside myself and help them cash with me! This is what drives me to write this article everyday, it’s for you! Well enough mushy talk, We have a monster 10 game NBA main slate on DraftKings to go through today and I hope tonight will be as successful as it was for some of you last night. Remember, Degens and Wolfpack, it’s perfectly ok to be greedy!! We don’t wanna just cash, We want to……Break Slates! So let’s break em’ now!!!

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Disclaimer: Remember people, I am not a professional, just an avid NBA fan who loves the sport and loves DFS. We are betting on human beings here which is probably the hardest thing to bet on. Some days we will win. Some days we will lose.  I will never argue with any member of any community about who they want to play on any given night. However, if you would like my opinion on a particular player I will gladly help you any way that I can if you ask me. My slogan is “If you like him, play him”. It’s your money and I can’t spend it for you. If I don’t get back to you right away, it’s because I am just like you and work a full time job and I do this in my down time here. I promise to get back to you.  Some players who are studs I may not mention in detail here in this article but will be displayed in the “Players I like but did not mention here” portion of the write up towards the end. All stats mentioned are accurate as of today and screenshots can be provided upon request. Credit: Fantasy Sports Degens,RotoWire, Fantasy Alarm, and DFS Wolfpack.

Favorite Plays on the Slate:  (In no particular order) ( PG-C positions)

Markelle Fultz (ORL) vs. PHO ($5,700) PG/SG

No, this is not a replay of yesterday! Ricky Rubio is in danger of missing this game with an injured hand. Fultz had a great night last night against the Wizards (The worst ranked team against point guards). Tonight, he gets an early holiday gift against the second worst team against opposing point guards in their past 5 games and that’s the case because Rubio has missed a few games this season already I’m sure. I’m still taking advantage of this matchup, Fultz has shown me that he has staying power in the lineup and he’s starting to fill the stats sheets other than scoring more often. He may not be a homerun tonight but he’s cheap enough to plug and play and get you realistically 25-30 FPT potential for sure. 

Luka Doncic (DAL) vs. MIN ($11,600) PG/SF

I repeat, this is not a replay of yesterday!! Doncic is in a tasty matchup tonight against the Timberwolves. He’s young and healthy so the back to back doesn’t mean a damn thing. I will pay up for Doncic almost any night! In his last five games, Doncic is averaging a sick 1.86 FPTs per minute on the floor!! That is insane!  It’s not crazy to spend up for a player like Doncic in this matchup where his ceiling is as high as 70 FPTs tonight either. On a 10 game slate with this much value, don’t overthink it. Even if this game is a blowout (which I don’t think this will be the case) refer back to what I just said about his fantasy points per minute and tell me I’m crazy! I am. Tell me anyways!! 

Emmanuel Mudiay (UTA) vs. LAL ($3.200) PG

Mike Conley is out tonight. Next up to start is Mudiay. We don’t have much of a sample size to study Mudiay’s recent body of work because when Conley is there he eats up the majority of the minutes. Coach Quin Snyder is one of those coaches that likes to have his starters play heavy minutes. Conley, before this hamstring injury was averaging almost 30 minutes per game on the season, that left very little for Mudiay and Exum to produce. Tonight it’s a different story, I think Mudiay is the better option between he and Exum because I think Mudiay will inherit the majority of the minutes between the two. Rajon Rondo is horrible defender so Mudiay has the potential to put up some stats tonight. Remember it doesn’t take much to hit 5-6 times value or more at this price which is near minimum. If you disagree and want to try Exum tonight, I’m fine with that too as he’s the same exact price. Both are low risk players but I believe Mudiay has more upside. You may not. Nice Value play. 

Cory Joseph (SAC) @ POR ($4,500) PG/SG

What Cory Joseph lacks in the scoring department, He makes up in by distributing the ball and hustling to try and get rebounds and he’s even good for a block or two on some nights. I’ll be real with you, his ceiling is probably 25-27 FPTs but he has a good matchup tonight against Portland and I wouldn’t be afraid to add Joseph into my lineup so I can stack some studs. Low risk/High reward guy who gets the usage, he just has to produce. Nice Value play here. 

Kemba Walker (BOS) vs. MIA ($7,600) PG

Kemba Walker has guts! He has the guts and toughness a lot of NBA players do not have. After his scary injury last week, Walker comes back with a 56.25 FPT performance on the Nets!! That was 56.25 FPTs in only 31 minutes!! Coming back from a Neck Injury!!! A Neck injury!!! Practice!!! WE talkin’ bout Practice!! Wait sorry wrong player. All jokes aside, Walker is a beast and tonight he’s home against the Heat who rank 10th against opposing point guards defensively in their last 5 games. I think Kemba has a chance to shine tonight and he’s one of my favorite point guards on the slate tonight. He’s a great mid-tier priced option! Go Celts!! 

Damian Lillard (POR) vs. SAC ($8,100) PG

Dame is in a good spot tonight at home vs. the Kings, He let us down last night but that was the Clippers, and this is the Kings. Lillard played 30 minutes last night and I think he will play more tonight on the second leg of this back to back. His price has dropped $300 because of last night’s matchup and I’m completely fine with that! I can see Lillard tonight with a ceiling of 40-45 FPTs against the Kings who are 13th defensively against opposing point guards. Lillard vs. Joseph? Who you got? I know who I’d rather have! 

Spencer Dinwiddie (BKN) @ ATL ($8,200) PG/SG

I like Kemba and Dame more, but Dinwiddie is the focal point of this Nets offense until Kyrie returns and I just can’t overlook him tonight. I do not like his price and feel that DraftKings is taking advantage of us here. The price scares me even more if he only puts up 30 FPTs. The Hawks are pretty banged up though and I’m hoping Dinwiddie catches fire and gets us at least 4 ½ to 5 times value at this price. Not my favorite pick but he should come through. 

Jimmy Butler (MIA) @ BOS ($7,300) SG/SF

Did ya’ll see Jimmy B light up Toronto last night…in Toronto??!!! Oh mylanta! I hope you guys read the article yesterday and played Jimmy B, if you did you probably are counting greenbacks reading this right now! Well have I got good news for you!  Jimmy B is playing the Celtics tonight, who not only the past 10 games, but the last 5 games have given up the most fantasy points to opposing shooting guards. I know this is a back to back but this price is too cheap for me to ignore. Butler can definitely have another monster night tonight against the Celtics. Set him and forget him! 

Zach Lavine (CHI) vs. MEM ($8,000) PG/SG

I love Lavine tonight against the Grizzlies!! He dumped 59.5 FPTs on them their last meeting earlier this season and he’s been on a bit of a hot streak his past few games. Actually, in his past 5 games, Lavine has averaged 1.36 FPTs per minute on the floor. The Grizzlies are fifth worst against shooting guards and even though his price is a little higher than usual, I’m all in on Lavine against the Grizzlies tonight! You should be too! 

Buddy Hield (SAC) @ POR ($7,400) SG/SF 

I like Hield tonight based on his price and potential. He’s actually a little volatile here for me as well. He played Portland at home right after De’Aaron Fox’s injury and only had a 27.6 FPT showing, I’m hoping he doesn’t do that too us here tonight but I try not to revisit the past and go with my gut. My gut tells me tonight I should not overlook Hield. Portland is not good against opposing guards and Hield is a nice mid-tier option at this price. Little risky but I still have confidence in him.

Joe Harris (BKN) @ ATL ($5,700) SG/SF

Another player who has balled outta control with Kyrie Irving’s extended absence is Joe Harris!!! Listen, if you don’t want to pay up tonight and need a solid shooting guard with a nice matchup against a banged up Hawks team, Look no further than Joe Harris. In Harris’ past 4 games he’s averaging a solid 33.94 FPTs per game. He’s priced well and should have a nice night tonight in Atlanta. I wonder if he can grab me a Coca Cola on his way out…Hey Joe, Got a second?

Jeremy Lamb (IND) @ OKC ($6,300) SG/SF

Jeremy Lamb is another solid mid-tier option at shooting guard tonight for the Pacers. The Thunder are ranked 8th in their past 5 games against opposing shooting guards defensively. Since Lamb has returned, he has put up solid numbers and definitely could be a nice player to add to your lineups tonight. I could see Lamb reaching 5 times value tonight for sure.

Devin Booker (PHX) @ ORL ($8,000) PG/SG

A lot of people will be eating the D’Angelo Russell chalk tonight, I for one will not be one of them. One of my favorite plays on the night is Devin Booker. I love Booker especially if Rubio is out tonight. Hell, even if Rubio is in, Booker should have no problem scoring in gallons tonight!  I can see Booker reaching 5-6 times value tonight vs. the Magic who are in the bottom ten defensively against the shooting guard position. A nice star to have in your lineups tonight on this monster slate.

LeBron James (LAL) @ UTA ($10,000) PG/SF

I didn’t care for his price vs. the Nuggets but I absolutely love Lebron’s price tonight against the Jazz!! Did Santa come early?? The King vs. the second worst team defensively against opposing small forwards and his price is only 10k! Guys, there’s not much explaining to do but put him in your lineups right now! The only thing stopping LeBron tonight is an injury before the game. LeBron don’t play that load management and Homey The Clown don’t either. King James is my favorite play of the night as long as nothing comes up later today that he isn’t playing. I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it and I’m about to break a slate and I think I like it!!!! Ok I’ll stop and I promise to never do that again. Maybe.

T.J. Warren (IND) @ OKC ($5,500) SF/PF

Solid value play here. Warren has been up and down recently but the last time he faced OKC back on 11/12 he put up 37.25 FPTs on them in 31 minutes on the floor and he was $200 more. He’s a little volatile but at this price tonight, I can confidently say he has 5 times value potential. A nice value play at small forward. 

Anthony Davis (LAL) @ UTA ($9,400) PF/C

I see no injury designation on Davis for tonight’s back to back but please keep an eye out on injury reports up until tip off. If Davis is playing which I’m assuming he will, he is an amazing value tonight! The Jazz are the worst at defending opposing power forwards defensively and Davis should ball out tonight. I can see Davis getting anywhere from 5 ½ to 7 times value tonight against this Jazz team unless a blowout occurs early. The Jazz look terrible lately so be careful on that front as well. If the game stays close, then you will have wanted Davis and Lebron in your lineups. I’m in favor of starting one of the two more though tonight. Davis has a ceiling here of almost 65 FPTs if it stays close. A little volatile though considering if he plays and if it’s a blowout. I like LeBron better tonight. 

Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM) @ CHI ($6,800) PF/C

No Ja Morant and a sick Jonas Valancunias equals more time on the court for my man Jaren Jackson Jr. I love to exploit Chicago’s frontcourt shortcomings. Jackson has been a little volatile this year in some matchups but tonight I think he can have a great night and he may be low owned with a lot of the star power on this slate. The last time JJJR played the Bulls this season, he put up 43.8 FPTs. If he can clone that performance tonight we’ll be on our way to the top baby!!! Nice mid-tier option at power forward. 

Blake Griffin (DET) vs. MIL ($6,600) PF

This is a boom or bust option. I’m listing Griffin here solely on his price and matchup alone. Sometimes when picking apart big slates like this, you have to forget the past and pay attention to the matchup. This player here is a definition of that. Griffin had a nice night against Cleveland and only played 24 minutes. He should be fresh for a marquee matchup at home vs The Bucks and Antetokounmpo. The Bucks are 6th worst at defending opposing power forwards and Griffin could be a sneaky play on this slate tonight. I also think he will be low owned. It is boom or bust for me but at a mid tier price, it’s worth a gamble in at least one of my lineups tonight.

Nemanja Bjelica (SAC) @ POR ($6,100) PF

Yes I’m picking on Portland tonight, and yes I will continue to do so until they can show me they want to play defense. Carmelo Anthony may be player of the week in the Western Conference but make no mistake, he didn’t win the award for his defense. Bjelica is a four who can shoot the lights out when he’s hot. He also has the ability to be aggressive on the glass grabbing rebounds. Double double potential tonight and a great matchup and the price is good too. Solid mid-tier option here with Bjelica.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) @ DET ($11,800) SF/PF

He’s unfadable. Eat the chalk. He’s averaging an outstanding 2.04 FPTs per minute in his past 5 games. Need I say more. Detroit is a decent defensive team but no one stops the Greek Freak! No one!

Rudy Gobert (UTA) vs. LAL ($7,500) Center

Gobert performed admirably against Joel Embiid a couple nights ago and he’s been a double double machine this year.The Lakers rank 10th defensively against opposing centers in their past 5 games. Gobert didn’t play great his last outing against the Lakers putting up only 26.3 FPTs but I have a feeling the Jazz will give the Lakers their all tonight. I still think the Jazz will lose but without Conley tonight, Donovan Mitchell and Gobert are who they will be counting on. Gobert has been consistent his past few games and his price is right. Low risk/high reward center here.

Bam Adebayo (MIA) @ BOS ($7,200) Center

Bam had a tough night against Gasol last night but I definitely would look for Bam to bounce back tonight in Boston. Daniel Theis is an average center at best and I don’t think he can match the explosiveness Adebayo brings to the table. The Celtics are a decently good defensive team but can be exploited at the center position. I think Bam will be looking for revenge tonight and is one of my favorite if not my favorite centers playing tonight! 

Final Thoughts:

I’m not a huge fan of OKC or DET players tonight. I could be wrong. 

D’Angelo Russell will be back tonight, I’m fine if you want to play him and would not encourage you not to if he plays. I simply didn’t list him because if he plays I’m assuming he would be mega chalk. 

I will not trust Trae Young at his price tag of $10,400. Doesn’t mean you can’t play him. I’m just off him tonight.

Andre Drummond  is cheaper tonight at $8,900 and could be a sneaky good play against the Bucks.

Andrew Wiggins at $7,800 is a solid mid tier option against Dallas. 

I’m ok with Devante’ Graham playing GS tonight at $7,700 but I’m fading Rozier with Draymond Green back. 

Donovan Mitchell is a great play vs. The Lakers tonight at $7,100 and in his previous meeting he dumped 42.3 FPTs on them. 

Myles Turner could be a sneaky good play at center in OKC tonight. He’s only $6,000.

Do not overlook Jarrett Allen in Atlanta tonight. He is a double double machine and the Hawks are not great defensively at any position. He’s only $6,000 tonight. 

With De’Andre Hunter out for ATL, Deandre’ Bembry is in play for me against BKN tonight at only $5,000. Nice value play.

 The Core 5:   (These are my favorite players at every position tonight. These are not locks as I don’t believe in ever calling a player a lock. These are my favorite plays at every position and are not meant to be a method of an example lineup. The Core 5 has been a section I’ve received requests to do by our followers of the website and in the fb group I do the article for as well. Without further ado, here are my Core 5.

PG:  Kemba Walker (BOS) vs. MIA ($7,600) PG

SG:  Zach Lavine (CHI) vs. MEM ($8,000) PG/SG

SF:  LeBron James (LAL) @ UTA ($10,000) PG/SF

PF:  Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM) @ CHI ($6,800) PF/C

Center:  Rudy Gobert (UTA) vs. LAL ($7,500) Center

Thank you all for reading and good luck tonight. I am available all day to answer any questions you may have regarding your lineups.