What’s up Degens!! What’s up Wolfpack!! How was everyone’s turkey day? Mine was great, ate a ton of turkey and a ton of stuffing (my favorite) and could barely breathe when I was finished. That’s the way it’s supposed to be right!!?? Well, the break is over, and I want to thank all of you who reached out to me and wished me a happy turkey day as well, and to all of you who thought I had quit or gave up on you, C’mon man! I would never do that! NBA DFS is in my blood! I’m back to give you the picks to build your lineups with confidence, mixed in with some of your picks to equal to a winning night with the ultimate goal of getting that elusive takedown!! Without further ado, It’s time to break some slates!!! 

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Disclaimer: Remember people, I am not a professional, just an avid NBA fan who loves the sport and loves DFS. We are betting on human beings here which is probably the hardest thing to bet on. Some days we will win. Some days we will lose.  I will never argue with any member of any community about who they want to play on any given night. However, if you would like my opinion on a particular player I will gladly help you any way that I can if you ask me. My slogan is “If you like him, play him”. It’s your money and I can’t spend it for you. If I don’t get back to you right away, it’s because I am just like you and work a full time job and I do this in my down time here. I promise to get back to you.  Some players who are studs I may not mention in detail here in this article but will be displayed in the “Players I like but did not mention here” portion of the write up towards the end. All stats mentioned are accurate as of today and screenshots can be provided upon request. Credit: Fantasy Sports Degens, RotoGrinders, RotoWire, Fantasy Alarm, and DFS Wolfpack.

Favorite Plays on the Slate:  (In no particular order) ( PG-C positions)

Trae Young (ATL) vs. GS ($10,500) PG

I hope you guys all took advantage of Trae when he was UNDER 10k! If you didn’t relish in the winnings by using him then, you probably aren’t happy he’s over 10k now. Please don’t say I didn’t warn ya! I knew it would only be a matter of time but even at $10,500, he’s a steal tonight against a Warriors team’ that gives up on average over 92.4 FPTs (backups included) per game to opposing point guards in the past 5 games. No matter who plays the point in Golden State, I doubt they will stop Trae’s progress tonight. In Trae’s past 5 games, he’s averaging 56.6 FPTs per game and against better teams. Trae should get you 4-5 times value on your investment tonight and he is one of my favorite players on tonight’s slate. Best of all Draymond is OUT babyyyy!!!!

Terry Rozier (CHA) vs. PHX ($6,700) PG

Another player that has been on a bit of a hot streak lately is Terry Rozier. Scary Terry alongside Devonte’ Graham is a nasty good backcourt for the Hornets. Rozier will be up against Rubio tonight and do we know if Rubio is 100% or not? I mean, he looked good in his last game vs Dallas but the Mavs are not anything special against opposing guards. Terry Rozier is a better defender than any of the replacement guards in Dallas and Rubio will be walking into a dog fight tonight. Rozier averages over 30 FPTS per game whether home or away this season. He also just held Eric Bledsoe to only 24.0 FPTs and yes, I know Bledsoe has some knee soreness but Rozier played very good defense on him. The Suns rank 3rd worst against the point guard position in their last 5 games and Rozier should have no problem getting over the 30 FPT threshold tonight. Rozier should hit 5 times value at his price in this matchup.

Ky Bowman (GS) @ ATL ($5,100) PG

Need a cheap option at point guard tonight? We can look to the other side of the spectrum in the Warriors/Hawks game. A lot of people may not want to spend up on Trae Young and that’s understandable here because Ky Bowman is also on this slate and he’s $5,400 cheaper than Young!! You want more good news??!! Draymond Green is resting tonight, Bowman usually always steps up when Green is out. The minutes will be there for Bowman and the matchup is not bad at all!! In the past 5 games, The Hawks have given up the 9th most points to opposing point guards. $5,100 point guard who will see an uptick in usage. Opposing team in the bottom ten in defense against the position. This looks to be a juicy matchup for Bowman. Both teams are bad, so this could be close. Let’s just hope that the Hawks don’t blow the doors off the Warriors tonight…Actually wait, they only have 8 active players anyway!!! Don’t think twice !!! Add Bowman!! Let me say it again!! Add Bowman!!!! 

Devin Booker (PHX) @ CHA ($8,200) PG/SG

Want a marquee player in an absolutely tantalizing matchup tonight? Devin Booker is your man!!
The Hornets are the worst against opposing shooting guards not just in the past 5 games, not just in the past 10 games, But they’re the worst against the position this whole season!! Devin Booker is priced nicely tonight and is one of my favorite players on this slate. Remember, Rozier is a good defender, Graham ehh not so much! Booker has put up over 33 FPTs in 4 of his past 5 games. He dropped 65.0 FPTs on MIN and 45.0 FPTs on WAS in that five game period. I could see him realistically with another 40-45 + FPTS again tonight. So if you want a great shooting guard with a great matchup tonight with 5-6 times value potential, look no further than Booker tonight! 

Alec Burks (GS) @ ATL ($6,000) SG 

Remember the Hawks are where they’re at record wise because they stink on defense! Another matchup you can exploit tonight is at the shooting guard position tonight vs the Hawks. Alec Burks has been up and down most of the year in DFS but he does have those nights where he can bring a ton of value for his price. The Hawks are also banged up so if Burks’ shots fall tonight, you could have yourself a relatively low cost player that can bring you 30 FPT + potential and yes, even though Draymond Green is absent, it still sets up Burks to have a better game with only 8 active players in the rotation. Bowman and Burks could be a sneaky stack tonight. Even though the Warriors aren’t a great team, this band of misfits plays hard night in and night out. Atlanta is 4th worst at guarding opposing shooting guards in the past 5 games. Nice pick here to have especially if people eat the chalk on Booker tonight.

Zach Lavine (CHI) @ SAC ($7,900) PG/SG

This right here is a straight from the gut pick. Lavine has caught fire as of late, putting up 49.25 FPTs in his past 4 games. I like to ride the hot hand and I think a lot of Chicago’s offense will run through Lavine tonight. He may get overlooked tonight but I can see him repeating his performances of up to 40 FPTs + tonight. The Kings are home but Lavine is also averaging 43.1 FPTs away from home this season. I like Lavine very much tonight even if the so-called experts say they don’t. 

Buddy Hield (SAC) vs. CHI ($7,100) SG/SF 

On the other side of the court, My gut is telling me to look at Buddy Hield tonight as well. This also is a complete gut feeling but I cannot ignore my gut on this one. Since DeAaron Fox went down, Hield has been the heartbeat of this Kings offense! He just dropped 41.25 FPTs on the Nuggets!!! Hield also loves home cookin’ just like we did on Thursday. He’s looking for Chicago to serve him up some fresh defensive flaws for him. Buddy! Buddy! Kinda reminds me of a Good Guy doll! But no we want Buddy to turn into Chucky tonight and completely destroy those Bulls tonight!! “He’s your friend till the end!”. He’s another player that could get overlooked tonight that you may want to insert in your lineups. Chicago tends to be good defensively against opposing guards but with the way Hield has been playing as of late and how his usage is, I think he’s a fairly safe play at this price. I could definitely see  5 ½ to 6 times value tonight for Chuck– ahem Buddy tonight.

Glenn Robinson (GS) @ ATL ($5,100) SG/SF

Yup, I’m doing it again! I really like Golden State in Atlanta tonight. Bembry is hurt, Reddish is hurt, Huerter is out and Huerting ha ha ha.. sorry. Robinson has been up and down but again like a broken record, Draymond Green is out and there will be an influx of minutes for everyone!! You get a minute, you get a minute, Everyone gets minutes!!!  Hawks are 2nd worst at defending the small forward position the past 5 games, They are worst against the position in the past 10 games, and 6th worst all season. This just means one thing to me! I can start Glenn Robinson at almost no risk unless he gets hurt. Bowman, Burks, and Robinson..Super cheap stack and has 90-100 FPT or more potential. 

Tobias Harris (PHI) vs. UTA ($6,600) SF/PF

Utah is a very good defensive team, However, they can be exposed defensively at the small forward position. Tobias Harris is a pretty damn consistent forward that puts up 28-40 FPTs almost every night. The Jazz have given up the 5th most FPTs to opposing small forwards in the past 5 days and I see Harris having a very nice night tonight in Philadelphia.  Look for Philly to utilize it’s forwards tonight against a Utah defense that is very tough on guards and opposing centers. For this price, Harris is bargain for the production he can put up.

T.J. Warren (IND) @ MEM ($6,200) SF/PF

Warren has been up and down like the stock market this year. There has also been times while in great matchups where he hasn’t produced for us. This is a BOOM or BUST pick for me. The last time Warren played the Grizzlies on 11/25 he put up 30.5 FPTs and he was $1,000 cheaper. Tonight, he faces a Grizzlies team who are on a second leg of a back to back and are traveling back home from Minnesota. I like Warren tonight because the Grizzlies are the 7th worst at defending small forwards in their past 5 games and they are pretty banged up. A tired team is one to prey on. I hope Warren can exceed value tonight at least 6 times for us. He’s volatile because he’s so up and down but with what I mentioned above, he should be low owned and could be sneaky good tonight.

Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) vs. NYK ($12,000) SF/PF

The Greek Freak will destroy the Knicks tonight. I repeat the Greek Freak will destroy the Knicks tonight! 

Listen folks, let’s not make this harder than it has to be. Giannis is averaging 59.45 FPTs per game in his last 5 outings and the Knicks are banged up like a lot of teams are. No one on the Knicks will stop this man. If you’re going to spend up tonight, You can definitely do so on Giannis. Don’t overthink this one. Super Juicy matchup. There always is the blow out factor, but Giannis usually drops at least 50 FPTs before that happens. I would have no problem spending the 12k and building the rest of your lineup with mid-tier/value guys because there is value out there. Take your time and look for it. A lot of the teams on tonight’s slate will be using their second unit players as starters due to injuries. 

Al Horford (PHI) vs. UTA ($6,400) PF/C

Al is old reliable to me. Utah is the 2nd worst against defending opposing power forwards this year. At this price, Horford is almost too good to be true for the matchup. Horford might have some miles on his wheels but he actually fits in this star studded lineup for the Sixers pretty well. He’s consistently in the 30 FPT range this season and he should have no problem getting at least 5 times value at this price. He’s a solid mid-tier option at power forward or center tonight. 

Domantas Sabonis (IND) @ MEM ($8,000) PF/C

We just saw Sabonis and Jaren Jackson do battle last week and Sabonis put up a respectable 43.25 FPTs against the Grizzlies. Sabonis is a great start tonight for Indiana and his price isn’t terrible. I’m expecting it to be an all out fantasy point extravaganza like Sabonis’ last meeting with the Grizzlies. You can start him with confidence tonight in your lineups if you don’t want to spend a ton on Giannis. This matchup should be closer in score I would assume as well. 

Jaren Jackson Jr. (MEM) vs. IND ($6,200) PF/C

This here is a total gut feeling of mine. Morant is out. Clarke and Valancunias are questionable tonight and may not play. Jackson did very well up against Sabonis in their last meeting on 11/25 and put up 38.25 FPTs against Sabonis and the Pacers. At this price, with all those injuries and as long as the coach doesn’t screw around with lineups tonight, I could see Jackson having a very nice game tonight. It could be a very good duel between two power forwards that are quite similar. En guard! This will be a duel to the death!!! Let’s just hope both of them come through again like last time. BOOM or BUST but the gut likes it so I will be playing both in my lu’s tonight. 

Aron Baynes (PHX) @ CHA ($5,400) Center

He’s probable tonight with a minor calf injury but he is most likely going to play tonight. Baynes, if that calf injury isn’t serious is a big time value at his price in a matchup of epic fantasy point proportions!!! Charlotte is anemic at defending opposing centers and Baynes needs to stay healthy and produce for us tonight dammit!!! I got a cat to feed! You hear me Aron! He’s a Maine Coon and he wants daddy to cash!!!! I’m relying on you! The DFS Nation is relying on you !!! Start this game and show us just how terrible the Hornets really are!!  If he plays without limitations, he has a good chance to be a huge value here. Keep an eye out on any injury news leading up to tip off. 

Richaun Holmes (SAC) vs. CHI ($6,500) Center

Another great matchup to expose tonight is Richaun Holmes vs the Bulls tonight. Holmes has been up and down this year and is matchup dependent but tonight,  He has a juicy matchup vs The Bulls who are the worst against opposing centers all season and the 2nd worst against opposing centers in their past five and ten games respectively. Holmes could be a chalky play tonight but I love him for the potential at this price. He has double double potential and at his price, I could see him go for 5 to 5 ½ times value. Nice mid tier center option here.

Final Thoughts:

I like Embiid and Myles Turner here as well. Turner is more of a boom or bust for me just because of his recent play. Embiid has a decently tough matchup vs Gobert and he’s over 10k tonight so I’m fading him but I still think he has some potential there, I’m just not willing to pay up for him. 

If Marcus Morris sits out, Kevin Knox is only $3,500 and could be a cheap plug and play pick for your dfs lineup tonight. His potential isn’t great. His floor is 15 FPTs and his ceiling is about 25-30 FPTs on a good night. The matchup isn’t terrible keep an eye out on the injury reports. Damyean Dotson could also be in play here for some of the minutes share. 

Ricky Rubio is also a player I wouldn’t hate you guys using tonight, Both he and Rozier should battle it out tonight. I like Rozier because he’s healthy and it’s in Charlotte but that doesn’t necessarily mean Rubio can’t produce tonight. 

Malcolm Brogdon and Donovan Mitchell also have very good matchups you can exploit tonight. I like Mitchell’s price ($7,800) much more than Brogdon’s price though ($8,100) . But I’m fine with whomever you play in this spot. 

Devonte’ Graham is $7,200 and has a good match up with Booker who doesn’t play much defense. I could also see him having a nice game tonight at home vs. the Suns.

Jeremy Lamb is a good value tonight vs. Memphis at only $6,300.

Cam Reddish is getting an MRI on his injured wrist. I doubt he will play tonight. Bembry is definitely a low cost option tonight to add to your lineups. As long as Bembry is 90% healthy, he could be a big time steal tonight.

The Core 5:   (These are my favorite players at every position tonight. These are not locks as I don’t believe in ever calling a player a lock. These are my favorite plays at every position and are not meant to be a method of an example lineup. The Core 5 has been a section I’ve received requests to do by our followers of the website and in the fb group I do the article for as well. Without further ado, here are my Core 5.

PG: Trae Young (ATL) vs. PHX ($10,500)

SG: Devin Booker (PHX) @ ATL ($8,200)

SF: Tobias Harris (PHI) vs. UTA ($6,600)

PF: Giannis Antetokounmpo (MIL) vs. NYK ($12,000)

Center: Richaun Holmes (SAC) vs. CHI ($6,500)

Thank you all for reading! Now let’s go break some slates tonight!!! Good luck everyone!!!