The purpose of this article each week will be to highlight some players that are currently under the radar who have a chance to jump to the top of waivers next week. If you have an extra roster spot because you have a guy that’s injured or someone isn’t performing as expected these are some players/situations you can target in the hopes you’re a week early rather than a week late. Each situation will *probably* have more than one guy listed, and that’s because these guys are coming from unclear situations. I’ll start with the best situations first and move on down the list, and the player from each situation who I believe has the best chance to emerge will be listed first and so on.

Week 1 Recap:

Miami: Albert Wilson / Mike Gesicki / DeVante Parker

Arizona: Michael Crabtree / KeeSean Johnson / Andy Isabella

Washington: Trey Quinn / Terry McLaurin / Paul Richardson

Honorable Mentions: Dare Ogunbowale, Jordan Akins

Miami got stomped by Baltimore and Wilson got hurt after 6 snaps, but I feel good about where my head was at regarding Miami. 

Crabtree didn’t play week 1, so we still aren’t sure what things will look like when he comes back(likely week 2). Isabella isn’t even in the picture for now, so it’s going to take a few weeks to figure out where Arizona is gonna put their playing time. Arizona might not even know who it’s going to throw the ball to yet.

McLaurin was one of the hottest waiver wire adds this week, and looking back at my week 1 article he should’ve been atop my list of Washington receivers. I was correct that he had the most upside to be a true WR1, but I was worried the quality of the offense would limit the upside of an outside receiver making Quinn’s slot role more valuable. That was not the case.

Dare isn’t going to be anyone we can rely on from a fantasy standpoint anytime soon, and Jordan Akins is clearly not a focal point of the Texans offense. You can cut ties with these guys if you had grabbed them as a stash.

San Francisco’s WR1:

Deebo Samuel / Marquise Goodwin

Many people were expecting San Francisco to put up a bunch of points on what we thought could be the worst defense in the league. After the first couple weeks of the season, it appears that the Tampa Bay’s defense isn’t nearly as horrendous as we expected. That provides a little context as to why San Francisco’s offense underperformed in week 1. What the box score tells us is that George Kittle is by far the team’s number one receiving option, as he should be. What the box score doesn’t tell us is that Deebo Samuel and Marquise Goodwin are clearly the top 2 WRs. Samuel played 88% of snaps, and Goodwin played 74%. Richie James was 3rd among WRs in snaps played at 38%. If either, Samuel or Goodwin, are available be sure to scoop them up before they breakout. Dante Pettis only played 2 snaps, don’t waste the roster spot anymore.

Miami’s Top Pass Catcher:


Albert Wilson / Mike Gesicki / DeVante Parker

Miami’s embarrassing loss in week 1 didn’t show much promise for the offense, however there are a few key things to note. First, Albert Wilson was targeted 4 times in just 6 snaps prior to injuring his calf. Wilson is obviously going to be a focal point of this offense when he’s healthy. If someone in your league dropped him after the injury news in week 1 be sure to pick him up. We still aren’t sure if he’s going to play against New England, and it’ll be a tough matchup if he does. So be patient things get a little easier for Wilson in week 3 against the Redskins and if his role looks anything like it did in week 1 you’re going to want to have him on your roster. Mike Gesicki saw 6 targets despite only securing 2. I still like Gesicki as an add if you’re worried about your tight end spot or want to try and capitalize on a desperate owner who needs a tight end.

Arizona’s WR3:

KeeSean Johnson / Damiere Byrd / Michael Crabtree

After we saw the Arizona Cardinals use 4 WRs on 68% of their plays in week 1 it is likely that their 3rd (and potentially 4th) WR will be fantasy relevant at points during the season. It’s surprising that only 4 WRs saw targets for the Cardinals in week 1. Kirk and Fitzgerald saw 13 and 12, respectively. The other 2 receivers were KeeSean Johnson with 10 and Damiere Byrd with 7. If either of these two can separate themselves as the clear WR3 in this spread offense they will jump to the top of your league’s waivers. Crabtree is expected to be active this week, so pay attention to his role in the offense. At least one of these WRs is going to be fantasy relevant, the tough part will be predicting the correct one.

Honorable Mentions:

A.J. Brown (WR – Tennessee)

A.J. Brown led the Titans in receiving with 3 catches for 100 yards last week against Cleveland. He only played 43% of snaps which is concerning for now, but not bad for the first game of his career. A solid matchup against Indianapolis this weekend may be a good time to breakout. Stay tuned.