By Steve Stoughton @sstoughton77 on Twitter

Hitting was down in comparison to previous seasons. Both the baseball and weather could be culprits. So, let’s look at three hitters off to hot starts that you may want to sell. 

Anthony Rizzo

Anthony is off to a blazing start. He already has nine home runs in 82 at-bats. Of course, it helps that he plays his home games at Yankee Stadium, which has a short porch in left field. He has 10 barrels on 67 batted ball events, a 14.9 barrel %, looking deeper into the numbers. Those numbers are almost double his career averages. His career-high in-home runs are 32, which he has done in three seasons. If someone is buying that he can sustain his current home run pace, then selling him at peak value makes sense. 

JP Crawford

JP is red hot to start the season. He is currently hitting .375 with a .469 OBP with four home runs. JP is a career .257 hitter with a .339 OBP and last season was his career-high in home runs with nine. He has four barrels in 71 batted ball events for a Barrel% of 5.6. While those are not huge numbers, it’s double his career numbers. His launch angle and exit velocity are in line with career norms. His K% is currently 10.4 vs. his career K% of 18.7. Expect the K% to increase and the power output to decrease. Sell now before regression sets in, and his numbers are less flashy. 

Taylor Ward

Taylor Ward has been impressive thus far. He’s hitting .390 with a .493 OBP with five home runs and 16 runs scored in only 56 at-bats. He is a career .247 hitter with a .327 OBP with eight home runs he achieved last season. He currently has seven barrels in 45 batted ball events for a Barrel% of 15.6. His K% is a career-best 19.7, and his BB% is at 16.9. His career average in K% is 27.3, and his BB% is 9.1. These numbers are not sustainable based on his career averages. I would expect his barrel% to go down and his K% to increase. Try to sell him high now makes perfect sense. 

There is nothing wrong with holding onto Anthony Rizzo, JP Crawford, and Taylor Ward. They are all off to hot starts and have helped your fantasy teams. These are the types of players; I like to put on the trade block to see what offers I can get for them. Maybe they end up being more valuable on your team. 



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