There’s not much of the fantasy baseball season left, so we need to make the most of what we can with our pitching streamers. Let’s hope that other managers have shifted their focus to football, because Week 23 is a bit rough.

Pitchers to stream will be listed with their team, their probable opponent(s) for the week, and their ownership percentages on ESPN and Yahoo.

Jordan Lyles – Milwaukee Brewers

ESPN: 23%, Yahoo: 39%

9/9 @ MIA, 9/14 @ STL

Going into Week 23, Lyles has won three straight games, and has a good chance to extend that with his two-start week. Both are road games, in Miami, and St. Louis. While this may not be the most favorable scenario because of the traveling, Lyles gets two ball parks that are better for pitchers than his home park. His home and away splits show this in some categories, like K/9, batting average, and slugging percentage. Speaking of K/9, Lyles’ has maintained a little more than a K per inning for the season. The Marlins are always a target, while the Cardinals offense has woken up as of late. In the last 30 days, the Cardinals have scored 169 runs, (3rd most in MLB), have 23 stolen bases (2nd most), and a WAR of 6.9 (3rd highest). If you need two starts, you’re most likely starting Lyles for both, but will just use his start for the Marlins if you can pick and choose.

Ivan Nova – Chicago White Sox

ESPN: 14%, Yahoo: 25%

9/10 vs. KCR, 9/15 @ SEA

Nova had a nice string of starts, with a couple of bumps against the Indians and Braves. Week 23 can be a bounce back week for him, as he’ll face the Royals and Mariners. Surely, this two-start week is more desirable in terms of opponents compared to Lyles. But Lyles has the Brewers offense behind him, while we’ve been targeting the White Sox offense as one to stream pitchers against. While the Royals are 6-4 in their last 10 games, they are far from an above .500 team. The Mariners have been, bad. Whether you’re trying to hang in there, or pushing past other teams, Nova could be the pitching streamer you need.

Dereck Rodriguez – San Francisco Giants

ESPN: 4%, Yahoo: 6%

9/13 vs. MIA

For the most part, Rodriguez can be used in the right situations. He pitched today (Sunday), against a tough Dodgers lineup. It didn’t go the Giants’ way, but Rodriguez has a chance to make up for it with his Week 23 start against the Marlins. The Marlins, again; this time in San Francisco. Rodriguez does pitch enough into games to get the win. The strikeouts aren’t always there, so don’t count on it. Pretty much, what you’ll want is the win and for some innings to be eaten. With this game being on Saturday, you’ll have almost a full week to see what you’ll need before pulling the trigger on him.

Other pitching streamers to consider

Mike Foltynewicz – Atlanta Braves

ESPN: 60%, Yahoo: 49%

9/9 @ PHI, 9/14 @ WAS

  • Two -start week
  • Both road starts
  • Phillies – hitters park
  • Nationals – tough lineup
  • Not widely available, but carries more risk

Zach Davies – Milwaukee Brewers

ESPN: 29%, Yahoo: 29%

9/11 @ MIA

  • Positive park shift
  • Marlins – weak offense
  • Should pitch good enough for the win
  • Low strikeout upside

Tyler Mahle – Cincinatti Reds

ESPN: 4%, Yahoo: 4%

9/12 @ SEA

  • Third start since being back from the IL
  • Weak Mariners offense
  • Bad park shift for Reds’ offense
  • Could be a get-right start

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your streamers!