Week 21’s pitching streamers for our fantasy baseball teams may not give us as big of a headache as usual. What is coming down to is deciding what pitcher won’t hurt your team. If you’re in head-to-head leagues, not only will you want to be aware of your roster, but the pitching roster of your opponent too.

Pitchers to stream will be listed with their team, their probable opponent(s) for the week, and their ownership percentages on ESPN and Yahoo.

Dylan Bundy – Baltimore Orioles

ESPN: 24%, Yahoo: 12%

8/31@ KCR

You have to pick and choose with Bundy, and you can choose in Week 21. It’s back-to-back starts against the Royals, but this one will be in Kansas City. This is a much better park for Bundy, compared to his home park. He’s been able to get a strikeout per inning his season, with a K/9 of 9.14. The Royals’ offense is on the target list. As of Saturday, they scored just five runs in four games. At this point of the season, and with the stakes being high, Bundy is a pitcher with that can possibly get you innings, strikeouts, win, and quality start, against the Royals.

Anthony DeSclafani – Cincinatti Reds

ESPN: 16%, Yahoo: 24%

8/28 @ MIA

DeSclafani has pitched more innings, and has a better strikeout rate and ERA, from 2018. The Reds’ pitching staff has done better than originally expected. Like the Royals, the Marlins’ offense is one you’ll want to target. DeSclafani’s Week 21 start will be in Miami. Positive park shift, against a weak offense, should line up for a nice start. Out of 25 games started in 2019, he has just seven quality starts, whereas the win will probably be more attainable. You may want to pick him up now to stash for his Wednesday start.

Sandy Alcantara – Miami Marlins

ESPN: 7%, Yahoo: 10%

8/27 vs. CIN, 9/1 @ WAS

On the flip side, it’s hard to stream pitchers who are on teams of weak offenses. Alcantara has two-starts for the Marlins, during Week 21. The first is at home, against the Reds, and then on the road in Washington. My advice would be to go with just the start against the Reds. Pitching for the Reds in this game should be Luis Castillo. He’s had some blow up starts, and maybe he’ll have another to give Alcantara a chance for the win. Strikeouts aren’t consistent, and overall, starting him is a riskier play. If you absolutely need both starts, I couldn’t blame you for wanting to start Alcantara for it. One thing to consider: the Nationals have scored 152 runs in August, which is first in MLB. The Reds have scored just 95 runs.

Kolby Allard – Texas Rangers

ESPN: 3%, Yahoo: 4%

8/30 vs. SEA

Allard got traded from the pitching-heavy Braves, and now has a chance to pitch in the bigs with the Rangers. All four starts this season have come with the Rangers. It’s a small sample size, but if you think you can mitigate a bad start in the second half of Week 21, you could consider him. He’ll be getting this start at home, against the Mariners. The Mariners are second-to-last in runs scored in August. Along with their quiet offense, the Mariners are striking out at a rate of 26.2% in August, which is the third highest in MLB. Like Alcantara, Allard is a riskier play as well.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your streamers!