There’s several more weeks of fantasy baseball left, and finding pitching streamers will be competitive. As the weeks go on, it becomes more and more difficult to settle on streamers that we like. The trend continues for Week 16.

Pitchers to stream will be listed with their team, their probable opponent(s) for the week, and their ownership percentages on ESPN and Yahoo.

Alex Young – Arizona Diamondbacks

ESPN: 16%, Yahoo: 48%

7/27 @ MIA

Young only has four starts in five appearances, but he’s worthy of a chance. He’s beaten the Giants, Rockies, and Rangers, and will get a no-decision for today’s start against the Brewers. Young’s Week 16 start will come against the Marlins, in Miami. Strikeouts aren’t a strong category for Young, but it’s a favorable offense to pitch against, and very good park shift. There’s not a long track record for him, so we have to trust what we know: target the Marlins.

Zac Gallen – Miami Marlins

ESPN: 12%, Yahoo: 26%

7/24 @ CWS

The whirlwind of Gallen has settled, but that doesn’t mean you won’t he able to use him. He’s a streamable option for Week 16, as his start comes on the road, against the White Sox. A road game in a hitter-friendly park isn’t ideal, but the White Sox are third from the bottom when it comes to runs scored. In terms of home runs, the White Sox have only hit four more at home than on the road (57 vs. 53). Gallen should be able to pitch at least five innings and currently holds a K/9 of 10.48, which you don’t see at this low of an ownership level. If you need strikeouts, Gallen is your guy.

Ryan Yarbrough – Tampa Bay Rays

ESPN: 9%, Yahoo: 23%


It’s uncertain as to whether Yarbrough will get a start for Week 16, but if he does, it’ll most likely come against the Blue Jays. He had an excellent start on Saturday, against the White Sox, going six innings, giving up zero runs, with five strikeouts. In Yarbrough’s previous appearance to the White Sox start, he came out of the bullpen to pitch 6.1 innings, gave up one earned run, and struck out six Orioles’ batters. I bring this up because whether he gets the start or not, you may want to pick him up anyway. His results can be starter-like, the only small downside would be in leagues where games started by pitchers, count.

Dario Agrazal – Pittsburgh Pirates

ESPN: 2%, Yahoo: 3%

7/26 @ NYM

Admittingly, I didn’t know who Agrazal was, until today. Including today, he’s made five starts, and pitched at least six innings in four of them. He’s been a consistent quality starter. Agrazal’s downside, is the lack of strikeouts. Today against the Phillies, he struck out five batters, which is the most he’s gotten in a start thus far. His K/9 in the majors has been much lower than what he’d been doing in AAA, but roster him without the strikeout expectation. Agrazal’s Week 16 start will be in New York against the Mets. As we know, the Mets’ offense is not a very good one at times. If you need some stats and can forgive a low k-rate, Agrazal should be on your radar.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your streamers!