Choose wisely for your fantasy baseball streamers, as Week 13 has a lot of off days. This limits our options, but there’s still a few viable recommendations, and a couple of them with two starts.

Pitchers to stream will be listed with their team, their probable opponent(s) for the week, and their ownership percentages on ESPN and Yahoo.

Merrill Kelly – Arizona Diamondbacks

ESPN: 27%, Yahoo: 38%

6/28 @ SFG

At 30 years old, this is Kelly’s first year pitching in the majors, and he’s been doing ok for himself. He hasn’t been completely consistent, but we probably expected that. Kelly is capable of having really good starts, and Week 13 may be one of those, with a start in San Francisco, against the Giants. We already know to target the Giants’ offense whenever we can. Kelly has pitched at least six innings in his last five starts, so he’s able to get you a good amount of innings. His first start against the Giants was a good one: 5 1/3 innings, no runs, one walk, and five strikeouts. I think he can have a similar start for Week 13, but will go deeper into the game. He’s a definite streamer, and possible spot starter on your roster.

Chris Bassitt – Oakland Athletics

ESPN: 19%, Yahoo: 28%

6/25 @ STL, 6/30 @ LAA

Bassitt has a two-start week for Week 13, and both are away games in St. Louis and in Anaheim. It’s hard to get behind Bassitt, but on a week-to-week, streaming basis, the two starts and his strikeouts make enough of a case. He will get to pitch to a pitcher for a couple of at-bats, in St. Louis. On paper, the Cardinals should be a better team than what they’re showing us. Offensively, they are in the bottom half of the league in most of the offensive categories. I’d be a little more weary of the Angels matchup. Shohei Ohtani’s return gives them an offensive boost. Bassitt will give up some walks, but can also get you almost a strikeout per inning. If you need a two-start pitcher, Bassitt would be my second choice.

Michael Pineda – Minnesota Twins

ESPN: 9%, Yahoo: 21%

6/29 @ CWS

Pineda had strung together eight straight starts of pitching at least five innings, and giving up no more than three earned runs. That is, until today, where he pitched five innings, gave up five earned runs, but also got five strikeouts. All good things must come to an end, but Pineda has a chance at redeeming himself during Week 13, against the White Sox. The Twins are leading the majors in home runs and runs scored, so Pineda should be getting good run support. Hopefully, Pineda will go back to more consistent outings, starting again with the White Sox. Start him if you have to, but do so knowing there’s a chance for another start like Sunday’s.

Adam Plutko – Cleveland Indians

ESPN: 5%, Yahoo: 8%

6/24 vs. KC, 6/30 @ BAL

The two-start pitcher that I like better than Bassitt for Week 13 is Plutko. He’ll be pitching against the Royals and Orioles, which is better than Bassitt’s matchups. Plutko has just five starts for 2019, and looks to have a spot in the rotation after Carlos Carrasco had to be put on the IL. There was a start against the Rays where he allowed seven earned runs; the other starts were two runs or less, thus, his elevated ERA. Plutko gets an ok amount of strikeouts, and is able to keep walks to a minimum. Like the Giants, the Royals and Orioles are teams to target for possible streamers. The start against the Orioles is in Baltimore, so you could avoid that one if you’re worried. If not, start him for both!

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your streamers!