Finding fantasy baseball pitching streamers for Week 10 might be a bit difficult. There aren’t many pitchers to choose from who have favorable matchups, so you’ll want to jump on them right away.

Pitchers to stream will be listed with their team, their probable opponent(s) for the week, and their ownership percentages on ESPN and Yahoo.

Wade Miley – Houston Astros

6/4 @ SEA, 6/9 vs. BAL

ESPN: 29%, Yahoo: 47%

There’s a wide discrepancy in ownership between ESPN and Yahoo. If you need to stream a pitcher for a start, or need one for a few, Miley would be a wise pick-up. He’s quietly having himself a nice season, while overshadowed by names like Justin Verlander and Gerrit Cole, his teammates. Miley has only given up more than three earned runs in just one start, which was a four run outing and still getting the win against the Tigers. He’s been consistent with innings pitched, only pitching less than five innings just once in 12 starts. While not a huge strikeout guy, in his two most recent starts, Miley struck out nine and eight batters, respectively. Week 10 is a two-start week for him, and against the Mariners and Orioles. Start him for both and keep him in you can, or need to.

Tanner Roark – Cincinnati Reds

6/7 @ PHI

ESPN: 15%, Yahoo; 29%

The Reds’ pitching staff have been holding their own, and Tanner Roark is capable of pitching just good enough for the win. Even with a four earned run day today, his ERA overall is currently at 3.47. He wasn’t quite a strikeout per inning pitcher in the past, but this season, Roark is getting 9.43 strikeouts per inning. What’s impressive if you consider his home park and the juiced ball, is that he’s only given up two home runs in 56.1 innings pitched, before today (two home runs surrendered to the Nationals). Roark’s getting the road start against the Phillies. They’re leading the NL East, but I like Roark’s chances to continue his consistency, with Cole Irvin taking the mound for the Phillies. Also of note, Roark’s velocity has been increasing month over month, as you can see here:

Brooks Baseball – Tanner Roark, average release speed

Chase Anderson – Milwaukee Brewers

6/4 or 6/5 MIA, possibly the Pirates for a second start

ESPN: 4%, ESPN: 15%

I have a lot of shares of Anderson, and I’m glad he’s back in the rotation (especially for my draft and hold teams). He started the season in the bullpen, spent some time on the IL, and has started five games since. It’s not impressive, thus, his low ownership. Right now, it’s unclear if he’ll get two starts for Week 10. If so, it’ll be against the Marlins and Pirates. If not, Anderson will just face the Marlins. The most Anderson has pitched is five innings, but has a K-rate of 8.34, and an ERA of 2.78 in his game started. You’ll surely want Anderson against the Marlins, but use a little discretion if you’re considering his start against the Pirates.

Erick Fedde – Washington Nationals

6/7 @ SDP

ESPN: 3%, Yahoo: 11%

Fedde has been sharing time between the majors and minors for a few seasons. In 2019, he’s spent time in the bullpen, and has most recently made three starts for the Nationals. Like Anderson, the most innings Fedde’s pitched in his starts is five. Strikeouts are pretty low. He’ll get his Week 10 start against the Padres, in San Diego. If you’re nervous about starting him, you may also want to take a look at teammate, Anibal Sanchez (ESPN: 6%, Yahoo: 7%). Sanchez’s start to the season was not pretty. He went on the IL, and returned by having his best start of the season. Sanchez pitched six strong innings, gave up no runs, and struck out six batters. His Week 10 start comes on June 5th, against the White Sox, at home.

Thank you for reading, and good luck with your streamers!