When we look at the second base position there are some top tier talent, then some decent options in the middle and then it gets quite questionable. By the time you get past the top 20 or so 2B you hopefully already have one and are now looking for a possible MI option. If for some reason you don’t have a 2B or are looking for a MI there are a few options later in your drafts. Let’s check out some of them in the Fantasy Baseball Late Round Targets for Second Base.

Starlin Castro – (NFBC since 2/1 310.00, TGFBI 322.4)

The man that was dealt in the Giancarlo Stanton deal last season and had a pretty decent first season for the Marlins. Last year Castro played in over 150 games for the Marlins and hit .278 with 12 home runs. In 2017, Castro hit .300 with 16 home runs for the Yankees. He has been around for quite a while but will only be 29 in the 2019 season. Castro is projected to hit 2nd in the Marlins lineup and although the lineup and the ballpark aren’t the best there is still a lot to like here. In the 20th round or later in 15 team leagues you can draft a MI option with 15 home run, .270 BA and decent run/RBI production upside.

Enrique Hernandez – (NFBC since 2/1 319.55, TGFBI 320.8)

As a Giants fan I’ve seen Hernandez destroy them, especially Bumgarner for a few years. We’ve seen Hernandez improve in his last 2 seasons where he played at least 140+ games each season. He went from 11 to 21 home runs. We’ve seen his BA go from .215 to .256 with only a slight change in BABIP. His HR/FB% has gone up around 2% in each of the last 3 seasons. He has had a barrel rate of 7%+ and a HH rate of 36.3%+ in each of the last 2 seasons. Hernandez brings great versatility to your fantasy team as he’s eligible all over the infield and the outfield. The Dodgers are a deep team, so there’s always the concern about playing time, but it seems he’s good for 140+ games and he’s one injury away from a lot of playing time. I really like Hernandez later in drafts.

Jason Kipnis – (NFBC since 2/1 344.84, TGFBI 358.9)

Yes, I know that Kipnis is not a sexy name. Then again in the 23rd round of 15 team leagues you aren’t usually drafting sexy picks. Kipnis is what I like to look at as a reliable player. If you took chances earlier in your draft, a player like Kipnis as a late 2B or MI option makes a ton of sense to me. Kipnis will bat 2nd for the Indians to start the season. And yes it isn’t the same Indians team, but the top of the order is still solid. He brings a late round bat with 15+ homer upside and even offers a handful of steals. If he can find his old swing you may even find a BA bump. Lastly, hitting at the top of that lineup should lead to some decent run production as well.

Ben Zobrist – (NFBC since 2/1 398.95, TGFBI 395.4)

Zobrist is coming off a season where he hit for a career high .305 BA. Zobrist is projected to lead off for the Cubs this season and that should lead to all sorts of run production with the likes of Rizzo, Bryant and other boppers behind him. He isn’t a major HR source, but you can possibly expect 10 or so with a .270+ BA and all the runs you can desire. Zobrist has OF and 2B eligibility which could help your fantasy roster as well. He seems like a forgotten man on a perennial playoff contender that scores a ton of runs in recent seasons.

Late Late Round or Waiver Wire Reminders

Josh Harrison – (NFBC since 2/1 451.11, TGFBI 361.4)

Right off the bat you can see the difference in NFBC and TGFBI ADP and that could be due to Harrison signing with the Tigers. The reason he’s here is the fact he’s on the Tigers and he’s projected to lead off. They are going to be a horrible team and there are concerns indeed, but Harrison is a quality bat that can fill a fantasy team’s MI needs. Harrison has 10 homer and 10+ SB upside. Harrison was banged up last season and only played 97 games, but he seems good to go last year and we hope he gets back to the production we saw from 2014-17. Harrison has hit .272-.315 in those 4 seasons. He has also shown 12+, even 20+ SB upside. Where Harrison is going in current drafts he could be insane value, and his draft price is likely to rise as the spring goes on.

Neil Walker – (NFBC since 2/1 472.48, TGFBI 304)

Another major difference in ADP between the 2 leagues. I broke down Walker quite a bit when he signed with the Marlins (read here). His xStats show all kinds of positive regression. Walker is projected to hit clean up for the Marlins this season which is quite ideal. He should be a sneaky source of 15+ home runs, a decent average and some nice run production at the end of your fantasy drafts.

The second base position is an interesting one. If you want a deeper dive into the position feel free to listen to Benched with Bubba EP 139 with Donkey Teeth of Razzball.