When it comes to Spring Training, there will be news, and then there will be NEWS. Even during Spring Training, MLB is not as bad as the NBA when it comes to “load management”, but in Spring Training, a lot of veterans will take an extra breather or two. There will be players missing a start from time to time, but do not panic. Then again, there will be players out that become more important. In today’s blurb, I will go over a few recent injuries and how I am approaching them at this point of the draft season. 

Kole Calhoun

Calhoun suffered a right meniscus tear which required surgery. The early reports have Calhoun out for 4-6 weeks when means this is an injury we have to make some fantasy adjustments for as we draft. Calhoun had an ADP of 280 over the last two weeks in the NFBC online drafts, and many were touting Calhoun as quite the draft day value. 

With Calhoun missing the start of the season, attention turns to DBacks prospect Daulton Varsho. Many were hyped on Varsho as he has catcher eligibility and brings some power and a nice amount of speed to the catcher position. A few weeks ago, reports were out that Varsho would start the season in the minors as the DBacks believed he needed some more seasoning and everyday playing time. Well, the door is once again opened for Varsho, who has an ADP of 190. In 2019, Varsho played in 108 Double-A games where he hit 18 home runs and stole 21 bases. If he can bring at least 15/15 upside to the catcher’s position, he will well outperform his current ADP.

Lastly, if looking for a longshot to take some of Calhoun’s playing time is Josh Rojas. Rojas is another left-handed option for the DBacks; he can play 2B, 3B, and the outfield and has more MLB service time already than Varsho. Rojas also brings a bit of power and a lot more speed than Varsho would with everyday playing time. Rojas has not been drafted in online drafts but has an ADP of 690 in 50 round DC’s. Keep Rojas on the radar as a sneaky option.

Xander Bogaerts

When I first heard of Bogaerts missing a game with shoulder soreness, I played it off as Spring Training shenanigans. More news came out about Bogaerts having an MRI, which came back negative, yet Bogaerts is still shut down. He is expected to take 30 swings off a tee Wednesday or Thursday. When I hear good news about an MRI, yet the player is on a feeble swing program off a tee, I am concerned. 

Shoulder injuries have shown the ability to decline power if the damage is severe, so monitoring is crucial with Bogaerts. Most of the projections have Bogaerts hitting 26-28 home runs with a .288-.290 average and other solid counting stats. When looking at Derrick Rhoads’s injury tool, the average days missed for shoulder soreness is 13 days but could be more. I would not give up on Xander just yet, but taking him around his ADP of 35 right now may be quite difficult.

Adalberto Mondesi

We have had surgery and a weird shoulder injury that have us concerned a bit, now to an injury I am not that concerned about. Many on Twitter have wondered why Mondesi has not suited up for a Spring Training game just yet. Well, news came out on Tuesday letting us know that Mondesi has a sore foot. As more reports came out, it appears Mondesi was hit by a pitch in his foot that caused the soreness. 

Rumors have it that Mondesi should take the field in the next couple of days, making many breathe a breath of fresh air. For one, I am not concerned, and more importantly, if you are willing to draft at his ADP of 18.75, then a little sore foot should not be your biggest concern. If he is not on the field by the end of the week, it may be time to take a step and reevaluate taking a chance on Mondesi. 

There have been many more injuries early in spring, and there will be many more to come. These were three of the more concerning injuries when it comes to a fantasy roster. I will continue to touch on some injuries as they occur throughout spring. If you have any immediate questions, then feel free to message me on Twitter @bdentrek, and I will help you the best I can at the time.