Before I get into today’s blurb, I want to clarify they will not always be sappy and just thought-based like yesterday’s and today’s. Some days will have more strategy and player involvement, but the subjects work for the last couple of days, so here we go. 

Today, Tuesday, March 2, 2021, marks an important day in my journey as a fantasy analyst. It was a journey that started with a podcast that I did not think would take off, recording multiple different shows, writing at a few various sites, and many fantastic relationships around the fantasy community. Today I will be taking part in my first Tout Wars draft, the newly formed 12-team Mixed league with some new rules.

Most may start laughing at how excited I am, but let me tell you a little story about why I am so happy. I have been playing fantasy baseball for 15-20 years, and ever since the Fantasy Sports Station came to Sirius/XM, I have been glued to the “expert” leagues. I remember making it a point to listen to the drafts on the radio; this was before the app and on-demand. I did not know what NFBC was; it was all about my home leagues and saw what the “pros” were doing. 

I used always to think it would be so cool to play in one of these leagues. Once out of college, I found the book Fantasyland by Sam Walker, where he joins Tout Wars and documents the entire journey. It was a fantastic read and made my passion for producing fantasy content and one day making Tout Wars a significant goal of mine. 

Fast forward to a year or so into Benched with Bubba and running the Fantasy Degens site, and I am invited to the BARF League by Justin Mason. I was blown away. I figured this was it, this was my version of Tout Wars, and I was over the moon with the chance. I remember walking into the Wreck Room and seeing some of the fantastic analysts that have been producing in the fantasy landscape for years. All great people, but the one that left me in awe yet helped my nerves settle more than anyone was Lawr Michaels. He was a legend, a man I read about in Fantasyland, and a man that epitomized what it was to love fantasy baseball. 

I was happy as a clam as a member of BARF, meeting and interacting with a lot of awesome people in the fantasy community. Then it happened. I woke up to a message from Jeff Erickson asking if I would like to join Tout Wars. I could not answer yes faster. As individuals, we set goals in life, and Tout Wars was near the top, felt unattainable but was a goal nonetheless.

 I will be apart of the new 12-team mixed league where there is a bit of a twist. Instead of AVG, W, SV like most 5×5 leagues, we will use OBP, IP, and SV/HLD. The strategy will be different from the usual, but I am looking forward to the task. I will be drafting with many new Touts as well as some veterans. It will be a new league for all, and I cannot wait to talk more about the draft and season-long journey for this season of Tout Wars. 

Keep an eye out for a draft review over at RotoBaller the next day or two and follow the draft live on Twitter.