Welcome to Bubba’s Fantasy Baseball Blurbs. The daily blurb is a concept that I have been debating publishing for some time, and with TGFBI starting today and Tout starting tomorrow, it seemed like the right time to make this happen. The idea behind the Blurbs will be some overall thoughts, thank you messages, or actual fantasy info on players, drafting, etc. Each Blurb will be different and will be based on a topic that I have been thinking about today or in recent days. Some may be short, and some may be long. Some may be extremely relevant and interesting, while others may only pertain to a select view. It’s kind of like my Fantasy Baseball Dear Diary for the world to read. With all this being said, welcome to the first edition of Bubba’s Fantasy Baseball Blurbs.


Year Four of TGFBI kicks off today. It is one of the most extraordinary fantasy baseball events of the year. No, not for the prize money, because there is not any prize money. It is one of the most incredible events of the year as it brings the fantasy baseball community together to play fantasy baseball. It brings veterans and newcomers from all around the industry. If it weren’t for TGFBI, many players, including myself, would never have the chance to play in the same league with some of the industry titans responsible for many of us joining the industry. 

The community comes together to post their draft picks on their Twitter timeline. Almost everyone shows unity and excitement as well over 20 leagues are drafting at the same time for their league titles and the overall crown—a crown that is not measured in money but pride. Pride is a mighty thing and knowing you beat over 500 other fantasy analysts in a season-long competition is pretty awesome. 

The man responsible for this great day and event is Justin Mason. Mason has become a great friend of mine over the last few years, but a friend or not, he is a fantastic person for putting on this competition. Mason is busy working a real job, being a husband and father, writing and podcasting for Fangraphs and Friends with Fantasy Benefits, and still find the time to organize a competition that helps out so many in the industry.

This will be my fourth year in TGFBI, and thanks to Mason, I have met a ton of awesome people. I have been able to draft with people like Jeff Erickson and Dalton Del Don, analysts I have been reading and listening to for a very long time. Thanks to these previous three years in TGFBI, I have had the pleasure of having many new voices join me on Benched with Bubba. I would have to think playing in TGFBI, which has led to more podcasts and more writing opportunities, has given me the honor of joining Tout Wars for the 2021 season. 

I have had solid years, finishing 35 overall in 2019, as well as some duds. I play to the end regardless as pride is a powerful thing, and I want to show my best, winning or losing. So, on this day where the fourth season of TGFBI gets started, I have one last thing to say. Enjoy the draft, enjoy meeting new people, trust your knowledge since, in the end, it is just another fantasy baseball league, and most importantly, we all owe a big THANK YOU to Justin Mason. HAPPY DRAFTING EVERYONE!!!!!