Break’n Slates w/ Brian Lemay Jr. – 10 Game DraftKings NBA Slate

Ok guys, this will be the last edition of Break’n Slates until December 30th. I am spending the holidays with family and will not have the time dedicated to write another article until then. As always, I will be available to message anytime whether on Facebook messenger on through Fantasy Sports Degens NBA DFS slack chat alongside my colleague Sean Mitchell to answer any NBA DFS questions until I return. 

I hope everyone cashes tonight and I hope you all have a wonderful holiday with your family.

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Disclaimer: Remember people, I am not a professional, just an avid NBA fan who loves the sport and loves DFS. We are betting on human beings here which is probably the hardest thing to bet on. Some days we will win. Some days we will lose.  I will never argue with any member of any community about who they want to play on any given night. However, if you would like my opinion on a particular player I will gladly help you any way that I can if you ask me. My slogan is “If you like him, play him”. It’s your money and I can’t spend it for you. If I don’t get back to you right away, it’s because I am just like you and work a full time job and I do this in my down time here. I promise to get back to you.  Some players who are studs I may not mention in detail here in this article but will be displayed in the “Players I like but did not mention here” portion of the write up towards the end. All stats mentioned are accurate as of today and screenshots can be provided upon request. Credit: Fantasy Sports Degens,RotoWire, Fantasy Alarm, and DFS Wolfpack.

Favorite Plays on the Slate:  (In no particular order) ( PG-C position)

Kyle Lowry (TOR) vs. WAS ($8,500) PG

Kyle Lowry just dusted the Pistons for 58 FPTs and tonight he gets an even yummier matchup against the Wizards. Fred VanVleet could return tonight from a right knee injury but I’m almost certain he’ll be a part timer on a minute restriction. Even though I don’t like Lowry’s price tonight, I can’t look past his last three performances or this matchup. In Lowry’s past three games he’s averaging 46.3 FPTs per game and the Wizards are giving up the second most fantasy points to opposing point guards in their last 5. Even at this price, Lowry should get 5 times value tonight in this plus matchup.

Kemba Walker (BOS) vs. DET ($8,300) PG

Did you hear what I just said about Lowry dusting the Pistons for 58 FPTs? Well guess who’s next in line to dust them? Kemba Walker baby!!! Kemba has an amazing matchup tonight and has been on a tear in his past three games as well averaging 52.8 FPTs per game, What do you think he will do to the Pistons tonight who are giving up the 3rd most fantasy points to opposing point guards. This is a tasty matchup and he also is an excellent spend up option at point guard on tonight’s slate. 

Damian Lillard (POR) vs. ORL ($8,800) PG

I didn’t like Lillard’s price the other night, but he put up 61.75 FPTs on Golden State. Tonight, his price drops $200 on DraftKings which makes it a tad bit more bearable. Let’s face it people, Lillard is an absolute stud in home games this year averaging 49.7 FPTs per game. He’s facing a Magic team that can be exploited defensively at the point guard position and Fultz isn’t stopping Dame Dollars tonight. He’s pricey but he has a great matchup, a great ceiling, and this looks to be a medium paced game as the point spread is 216. Great spend up option at point guard.

Ben Simmons (PHI) vs. DAL ($7,900) PG/SF

Ben Simmons is in a crush spot tonight against a Mavs team that has no identity at point guard with Doncic out. Simmons missed value his past two games, but be prepared for a bounce back in this one. 

Kemba Walker just had a hay day with the Mavs, I expect Simmons to too. Great mid-tier option at point guard.

Markelle Fultz (ORL) @ POR ($4,900) PG/SG

Need a cheap flier for your point guard or shooting guard in your lineups tonight? Markelle Fultz is your man. Don’t expect the world from him or in excess of 30 FPTs but at this price and with the value on this slate, he’s destined to get you 20-25 FPTs tonight in a good matchup in Portland tonight. Fultz has played better on the road this year as opposed to home and if you want to save money, why not give him a look tonight? He’s third on the Magic in usage at 21.6%. You never know he might just show up tonight and help your team elevate. 

Malcolm Brogdon (IND) vs. SAC ($7,700) PG/SG

Brogdon is in a good spot tonight at home vs the Kings.  Brogdon is an efficient scorer and passer and although he has struggled a bit in his past two games, that’s ok because tonight is the perfect opportunity for him to have a great game especially if Jeremy Lamb and T.J. Warren miss this game (both are questionable). I feel like Brogdon will be low owned and overlooked due to there being a plethora of value at the point guard position tonight. I like his price and the Kings are 7th worst defensively against opposing point guards in their past 5 games so the matchup is equally as nice. 

Ja Morant (MEM) @ CLE ($7,800) PG

Another good mid tier point guard for your lineups tonight is Ja Morant. This rookie of the year candidate has been killin’ it all year long. In his past five games he’s averaging 36.1 FPTs per game and tonight he gets to play against the Cleveland Cavaliers. YUM! If you don’t want to spend up on Walker, or Lillard, you can definitely give Morant a look tonight. The Cavs are terrible, Morant isn’t. Need I say further?

Solid mid-tier point guard.

Kendrick Nunn (MIA) vs. NY ($6,500) PG/SG

Nunn is coming off a monster performance against the Sixers where he put up 42 FPTs in 41 minutes on the floor. That is very impressive, he shot 50% from the floor and 50% from the 3 point stripe that night! This is the Kendrick Nunn we want to see people!! Tonight Nunn faces a Knicks team that is improving but is still very bad against opposing point guards. Nunn plays better at home and loves mashed potatoes with his meatloaf. He’s a solid mid-tier point guard for your lineups. MA!! Where’s the meatloaf!!! MA!! The meatloaf!!!

De’Aaron Fox (SAC) @ IND ($7,000) PG

On the other side of Brodgon tonight, I also like De’Aaron Fox. I’m not gonna sit here and pretend Brogdon is a great defender, cause he’s not. He’s an efficient scorer and distributor to teammates but defender, ehh not so much. I’m also not going to sit here and pretend like I’m scared of a minutes restriction for Fox since he just got done playing 30 minutes in his first game back in over a month off the floor either. Oh yeah and in those 30 minutes played, I’m not going to pretend like he didn’t put up 37 FPTs in that period too. I hate pretending. I like reality. The reality is the Pacers are in the bottom ten defensively against point guards. The reality is the Kings coach is throwing us curve balls on Fox’s so called minutes restriction too. The other reality is I’m playing Fox tonight with no restrictions in my feelings either. 

Dillon Brooks (MEM) @ CLE ($4,900) SG/SF

With such a large slate, you need players whom are low priced that can produce good numbers for your team. Dillon Brooks is your man. In his past 5 games, he’s averaging 29.4 FPTs per game and the Cavs are the second worst team defensively against opposing shooting guards. He realistically has a ceiling of 30-35 FPTs tonight and put up 40 FPTs the other night against the Wizards. He’s the type of player you want to supplement in your lineups so you can stack more studs and mid-tier players. Nice value play.

Josh Richardson (PHI) vs. DAL ($5,600) SG/SF

Richardson is nursing a wrist injury but that didn’t stop him from dropping 34.75 FPTs on his former team the Miami Heat the other night. Richardson’s price and matchup are right tonight and if his shot falls, he has a high ceiling. He’s a bit risky but if he’s getting healthier and that wrist isn’t serious, he could be in for a great night tonight against a Mavs team without their star Luka Doncic. This is more of a low/risk high reward play but it is a tad bit risky considering his wrist. I still feel confident in mentioning here though.

Bradley Beal (WAS) @ TOR ($9,100) SG

John Wall who? Bradley Beal has been half man/half amazing this year in Wall’s absence and has been the focal point of this entire offense. Tonight, Beal faces a Toronto team that has an important player who’s hurt, Fred VanVleet. Norman Powell performed admirably in his absence but now he’s out with a shoulder injury! If VanVleet plays, I’m almost certain he’s on a minutes restriction. So Beal will see more of Terrence Davis I’m assuming? This matchup is a nice one, The Raptors in their past 5 games are the 4th worst defensively against opposing shooting guards and I’m not even scared if Beal sees some of Kyle Lowry. You can’t stop this man! You can only hope to contain him. Beal plays better on the road averaging 48.1 FPTs on the year. He could very well be my favorite shooting guard on this slate with the slew of injuries the Raptors are facing at the position. Excellent spend up option. 

C.J. McCollum (POR) vs. ORL ($6,800) PG/SG

McCollum like his colleague Damian Lillard has a nice matchup tonight in Portland. McCollum feasts on weak defenses and is second on Portland in usage with 25.8% The Magic are a good defensive team, just not in their backcourt lately. The price is right for C.J. and I think he and Lillard will both have a very productive night tonight at home. He also just dropped 50.75 FPTs on Phoenix (Weak defensive team against shooting guards) and 43.25 FPTs on GS (another weak defensive team against shooting guards).

Nice mid-tier option.

Shai Gilgeous-Alexander (OKC) vs. PHO ($6,900) PG/SG

How many of you guys laughed at me the other night when I told you to play SGA? Raise of hands?? Good, because I did too. Tonight, he gets a juicy matchup at home against the Suns. SGA is averaging 34 FPTs per game at home this season and at his price if he could do a little more tonight, we’ll be all good! I think he’s a great mid-tier option tonight at shooting guard.

Collin Sexton (CLE) vs. MEM ($5,500) PG/SG

Sexton has been huge his past two games, he had 36.25 FPTs against the Raptors in Toronto, and 32 FPTs against Charlotte at home. Tonight he gets another great matchup against the Grizzlies whom are 8th worst defensively against opposing shooting guards in their last 5 games. His price and matchup are right. Nice value play here to stack some more studs in your lineups.

Terrence Davis (TOR) vs. WAS ($4,100) PG/SG

GPP!! Are ya with me! This is a deep dive punt play that could come through tonight. The Wizards are 9th worst at defending opposing shooting guards in their past 5 games. At his price all you need is 20.5 FPTs to hit 5 times value. If FVV sits, then you definitely could use him in your lineups with confidence. Pure GPP Punt play.

Jimmy Butler (MIA) vs. NY ($9,000) SG/SF

Butler had a tough time getting things going in his last game against the Sixers but tonight he gets a juicy matchup in Miami against the Knicks. His price is high but tonight I feel confident that his ceiling realistically tonight could be in excess of 55 FPTs! I know the Knicks are improving but the Heat are going to stop them dead in their tracks tonight and I expect Butler to bounce right back from his last performance. 

Jrue Holiday (NO) @ GS ($8,600) PG/SG

He’s playing Golden State tonight, whom lost to the Knicks and look to be in full tank mode. Should I say more? 

Will Barton (DEN) vs. MIN ($6,500) PG/SF

Barton’s been a little up and down lately but he’s had a lot more positive performances than negatives. Tonight he gets a great matchup at home against the Wolves. In the Timberwolves last 5 games, they have given up the most FPTs to opposing small forwards. He’s averaging 34.4 FPTs per game over his last 5 games and he looks to be a solid mid-tier option at small forward tonight. 

Glenn Robinson III (GS) vs. NO ($4,500) SG/SF

Robinson has a nice matchup tonight and looks to be starting at the small forward tonight. This could change which could affect his value if Paschall gets slated to start before tip off. If Robinson starts he’s a pretty good punt play tonight against a terrible Pelicans defense. If news comes out that he’s starting at the shooting guard, beware because he could see a ton of Jrue Holiday’s defense. At that point you fade him, if he’s at the small forward you start him.  He realistically could see 25 FPTs tonight in what should be a high paced matchup. 

Tobias Harris (PHI) vs. DAL ($7,100) SF/PF

Yes, he’s the third Sixers player I’ve mentioned in this article and No, I’m not telling you to stack Sixers. I’m pointing out they have great matchups tonight in Dallas. The Mavs are the 4th worst defensive team against opposing small forwards. Harris has been a little sluggish in his past two games but he should bounce back against this Mavs team at home tonight. Solid mid-tier option at small forward. 

Marcus Morris (NY) @ MIA ($6,300) SF/PF

The Heat are good defensively, just not so much when it comes to guarding opposing small forwards. Marcus Morris is second on the Knicks in usage at 23.8%. Morris could be a bright spot for a rejuvenated Knicks team tonight. I mean they’re still going to lose but Morris has a great matchup and a really good price tonight. He’s averaging 36.9 FPTs over his past 4 games and dropped 62.5 FPTs on Golden State last Friday. Solid mid-tier option at small forward. 

Dorian Finney-Smith (DAL) @ PHI ($4,400) SF/PF

With Doncic out, Finney-Smith has been producing pretty nicely. This is a deep dive but it’s really low risk/high reward for GPP’s. In Finney-Smith’s past two games he’s averaging 26.6 FPTs per game and has seen a decent uptick in usage since Doncic’s injury. He could be a sneaky good punt to add to your lineups tonight to stack some studs. All punts come with risks but that’s what it’s all about baby!!!

Jae Crowder (MEM) @ CLE ($5,200) SF/PF

Yes this is the third Grizzly I’m mentioning tonight too. The Cavs stink in their backcourt and at the small forward position. Crowder legit has a 30 plus FPT ceiling in this game and I’m going to mention it. You don’t have to stack Grizzlies, I think either Crowder, Morant, or Brooks or all three could have very good nights tonight. Crowder is more shot dependent but he is an excellent defender, and even though he ranks last in usage in the starting five for Memphis, it doesn’t mean he can’t or hasn’t produced big nights for them. Nice value play.

Brandon Ingram (NO) @ GS ($8,700) SF/PF

I don’t love the price, but I can definitely see why it is where it’s at. This should be an easy matchup for Ingram as both teams don’t play defense. He’s an excellent addition at small forward to your team tonight against a tanking Warriors team.

Rondae Hollis-Jefferson (TOR) vs. WAS ($4,100) SF/PF

Siakam is out, RHJ is in! What do we do when we face the Wizards Degens and Wolfpack?? We attack the front court!! Attack, Attack, and, Attack some more! RHJ is in a great spot tonight against a banged up Wizards team filling in for Siakam. I love his price and people forget how good RHJ was when he was on the Nets. This dude can show up and show out and tonight he should! What a great value! Can you smell that guys?? It’s called chalk! Eat it ! 

Paul Millsap (DEN) vs. MIN ($4,600) PF/C

And the value just keeps coming baby!!! Millsap is ridiculously cheap tonight and he’s coming off a 34 FPT outing against the Magic. Tonight, he gets a Wolves team that is the 6th worst defensively in their past 5 games against opposing power forwards. The matchup is great, the price is great, what are you waiting for? Use Millsap tonight! Yeaaaaaaaaa boyyyyyy!!!!

Danilo Gallinari (OKC) vs. PHO ($6,600) SF/PF

Gallinari has been up and down recently as well but also finds himself in a good matchup against Phoenix tonight. The Suns are ranked in the bottom 10 defensively against opposing power forwards and if Gallinari’s shots fall and he can get some rebounds and a few assists, he could have a nice night for us. Solid mid-tier option at power forward.

Kristaps Porzingis (DAL) @ PHI ($8,500) PF/C

The matchup will be tough, but I’m not going to sit here and not consider putting Porzingis in this article. He also is going in my lineups as he has been an absolute monster since Doncic left with an injury a few games ago. In Porzingis’ past 3 games he is averaging a blistering 52.1 FPTs per game! Even against the Sixers, I’m not scared. He will have the ball a ton and is now the major focal point of this offense until Doncic returns. 

Davis Bertans (WAS) @ TOR ($6,900) SF/PF

I really like Bertans tonight too. He’s been a beneficiary of Hachimura and Wagner’s absence and since Siakam is out, that just makes this matchup that more tasty. RHJ is no slouch but if Bertans shot falls and he can get us some other statistics tonight to fill the stat sheet, We’re going to have ourselves a great play at power forward on our hands.

Jayson Tatum (BOS) vs. DET ($7,500) SF/PF

Tatum is also in a good spot tonight against a banged up Blake Griffin. Griffin is not the best defender when he’s healthy and with Gordon Hayward out, Tatum should see even more usage tonight. You can add him as a small forward or power forward on DraftKings. He’s a great mid-tier option tonight. 

Andre Drummond (DET) @ BOS ($9,600) Center

Drummond is in an absolute smash spot tonight against the Celtics. He’s under 10k and as long as he isn’t eating avocados close to tip off, you can make him the centerpiece of your lineups tonight. He’s my favorite player on this slate and he should absolutely crush tonight. It hurts me to say this because as you know I’m a Celtics fan but I cannot deny what’s about to go down in B-town tonight. Drummond should have a monster of a game. 

Nikola Vucevic (ORL) @ POR ($8,100) Center

I don’t love his price tonight but he has a good matchup tonight in Portland. Vucevic since returning has been cruising in the mid 30 fantasy point range and we hope he has a breakout game tonight. This play is a little risky but as Vucevic becomes acclimated to the game the more he plays since returning from injury, He should start producing the monsters he used to. Tonight is his chance. Solid mid-tier center with a little risk involved.

Serge Ibaka (TOR) vs. WAS ($7,400) PF/C 

Geez DraftKings, a $2,400 increase from his last game? DAMN! It’s not without warrant because the Wizards are horrendous against opposing centers and Ibaka did show out his last game covering for an injured Marc Gasol. With half the team banged up, You have to consider Ibaka tonight. He gets rebounds, he can shoot decent and he gets blocks!! Ibaka is a solid play at center tonight.

Steven Adams (OKC) vs. PHO ($6,100) Center or Aron Baynes (PHX) @ OKC ($4,200) Center

Ayton has been ruled out with an injury and the Suns aren’t very good against opposing centers this year. Neither is OKC. I like both Adams and Baynes tonight against each other. I like Baynes’ price better! Both have great upside in this matchup. 

The Core 5:   (These are my favorite players at every position tonight. These are not locks as I don’t believe in ever calling a player a lock. These are my favorite plays at every position and are not meant to be a method of an example lineup. The Core 5 has been a section I’ve received requests to do by our followers of the website and in the fb group I do the article for as well. Without further ado, here are my Core 5.

PG:  Ben Simmons (PHI) vs. DAL ($7,900) PG/SF

SG:   Bradley Beal (WAS) @ TOR ($9,100) SG

SF:   Marcus Morris (NY) @ MIA ($6,300) SF/PF

PF:   Jayson Tatum (BOS) vs. DET ($7,500) SF/PF

Center: Andre Drummond (DET) @ BOS ($9,600) Center

Thank you all for reading! I will return Monday December 30th!! Have a wonderful holiday with your families!!!