I have no idea how to draft from the 9 spot and am not going to tell you I do. This is normally not an article I would click on or even read being that this only applies to a certain demographic, but I have the 9th pick in TGFBI this weekend and figured this could help someone in the same spot as me.

Drafts are hectic and they come at you fast, so it really helps to look ahead a few rounds and know the talent that will be available when you are on the clock. So be alert, stay focused and think ahead.


I have always had a hard time stomaching a speed guy, such as Trea Turner, with my 1st round pick, whose value is so heavily reliant on stolen bases. But Turner finished as the 10th best hitter in standard points leagues last season, which shows you that he is way more than steals. Why not lock up a guy who could conservatively swipe 50+ bags this season? With that being said, it is very unlikely that he would last until #9, but I have no problem taking Jacob deGrom or Alex Bregman in this spot and would even reach for Jose Altuve on the heels of a bounce back season.


The 2nd round is probably your last chance to grab an ace when picking out of the 9th spot. While most would go Justin Verlander in this spot, I have my reserves about the 36 year old hurler on the brink of a historic 2018 season (2.52 ERA 0.90 WHIP 12.19 K/9). Yes, I know he’s elite, but the wheels will eventually fall off and I don’t want to be left holding the bag. If I am going pitcher here, I am taking Aaron Nola (2.37 ERA 0.97 WHIP 212.1 IP 9.50 K/9).


If you haven’t taken an ace yet, you will most likely have to choose between Walker Buehler (2.62 ERA 0.96 WHIP 137.1 IP 9.91 K/9) or Clayton Kershaw (2.73 ERA 1.04 WHIP 161.1 IP 8.66 K/9). Buehler is clearly turning out to be an ace, but there are no guarantees he will eclipse even 180 innings with the way the Dodgers handle their starters. Kershaw had his worst statistical year in the last 10 years, but still managed respectable numbers. If you have already taken a pitcher, this would be your chance to take the gamble on Vladimir Guerrero, Jr.


First closer off the board in Edwin Diaz. Also, first catcher off the board with JT Realmuto. Is that too early for me? It is way too early for me and I’ll wait.