We have made it. We are at the fourth and final Major of the 2021 PGA Tour season. We have made it across the pond for the 149th Open Championship. After a fun yet awkward week at the John Deere, which saw Lucas Glover when his first event in 12 years, we get a loaded, major field. There will be some heavy favorites, but with windy conditions and a challenging course, we could see many exciting names atop the leaderboard. Let’s see who the guys like this week in the weekly PGA OAD picks.

Total Money$6,849,391.00$6,682,054.00$6,413,283.00$3,830,552.00$3,088,306.00
Last Week Money$30,955.00$82,150.00$30,955.00$248,000.00$0.00
Last Week PickDaniel BergerMaverick McNealyDaniel BergerSebastian MunozBeau Hossler
This Week PickDustin Johnson
Brooks Koepka
Jordan SpiethJordan SpiethJon Rahm

Jesse (@DFSGolfGods) – Jon Rahm

Last week was a disaster, but thankfully we can turn our attention to the final Major of the year.  Hard to believe this is it for 2021.  This week I will be using Jon Rahm.  It feels weird with him winning the last major, but it’s hard not to. First, we are running out of big events, so I have to fire an elite player.  Secondly, he is playing the best golf in the world by far.  Best of luck!

Rob (@AllDayEvery365) – Jordan Spieth

Munoz was dancing for three rounds and ran into a wall on Sunday, but a solid outing. The Open comes in time as the season starts to wind down with WDs flying everywhere.  Mr. Spieth is our last run at a major champ this year. Plain and simple, his putting won’t matter as much this week, but his approach game will lead the field.

Kevin (@KevinsDelight) – Dustin Johnson

I don’t have many big names left, but I do have DJ.  The guy has been quiet, and that’s usually a perfect time to take him.  I’ll take DJ across the pond to hoist the Claret Jug come Sunday.  

Bubba (@bdentrek) – Jordan Spieth

Spieth will be popular as all get-ups, but I saved him for this one and have to use him now. He has been a machine at THE OPEN. He has three T9 finishes or better in the last five years, with a T20 and T30 thrown in there. He even won THE OPEN in 2017. Spieth is playing outstanding golf this year, and I do not see that changing at an event that favors his skill set. His short game and approach game are going to be critical this week and could be the difference. Now “Go Get It” Spieth!!!!!

Ruvy (@MichaelRuvolo) – Brooks Koepka

Well, McNealy finished with a pedestrian 18 para on Sunday when I thought he might be in contention. On to The Open now. I’m going with Brooks Koepka because he’s a big game hunter. He will be in contention come Sunday. I haven’t used him, so I’ll go with him at this point.