WE ARE BACK!!!!! It has been a very long 3 months, but we are back to live golf. The Match was nice and all, but we all need this. The season ramps back up with an absolutely loaded field at Colonial for the Charles Schwab Challenge. It has the strength of a WGC or Fed Ex Cup Playoff against. With the best of the best in Texas, we should see some great golf, but there may be some rust as well. Regardless we have live golf and that means we have OAD Picks. Let’s see who the guys like this week with the 2020 Charles Schwab Challenge PGA OAD Picks.

Total $$2.387M$1.583M$2.726M$1.868M$2.893M
Last WK $$1.674M$455,700$0$0$455,700
Last WK PKHattonBADStensonDayBAD
This WK PKJTDJSchefflerMunozWebb

Ruvy – @MichaelRuvolo

My OAD this week is going to take me in a bit of a different direction. No one really knows what to expect. Last time we saw Dustin Johnson, Rory was carrying him in the team event. We know he wasn’t very interested in that event. I think he will obviously be more focused and I think he has been playing some golf. I think this is a bit of a flyer because I don’t believe he will be very popular. At 28-1 his odds are too good not to bet that for his caliber of play. For OAD I’m getting him at less ownership than other events and I think he can win at any time obviously. Makes it a risk/reward pick this week. 

Jesse – @DFSGolfGods

It’s really hard to believe it’s been 3 months since we’ve had a live full-field golf event.  Now that we have made it here, fingers crossed, we are going to be rewarded with some insane fields over the next 3 months. This field is as good as just about any major and rivals the Fed Ex Cup events.  With pretty much nothing to go off of except course history and the fact that we know Sung Jae Im never took a day off, I’m going to lean on my boys at FanShare Sports.  By the way its free until the end of June and worth every penny when it’s not. They have Sebastian Munoz at the top of their Course Suitability Ranking.  That metric at the beginning of the year was very good, and since we are basically back there I am just going to trust it and move on.  Munoz is the pick, but had I not burned Sung Jae at the beginning of the year I’d use him.  Best of luck no matter which way you go.

Rob – @AllDayEvery365

Scottie Scheffler – I need this. You need this. Golf fans need this. Sports fans need this. And we’re finally going to get some live sports in the US. Sure, we’ve had some German soccer, Russian table tennis, and backyard game betting, but finally, we get to some regularly scheduled action. 

So what does that mean? I have no friggin clue.  I don’t know what to do here so no big names because who really has the slightest idea what’s going to happen with the longest layoff in years for some of these guys. Going with Mr. Scheffler who appears to have cleaned up some smaller tournaments and is a Texas boy. That’s all I got, but who cares, golf is back. 

Kevin – @KevinsDelight

Welcome back to the OAD @kevinsdelight !!!  I sincerely hope you all are well and rebound from a tumultuous few months in our great nation.  Finally, we have some ACTION!!!

Segment 2 resumes this week and my HATTON pick has me tied for first after one week at the API. The Colonial has been kind to me and looks for this trend to continue.  I punted the first segment of the year and will load up for the remainder of the year. With a star-studded field in Fort Worth Texas, we all have some great options.  Justin Thomas is my guy without question.  

I have bullets for days now and will fire at will.  Rory, Rahm, JT, and DJ top my list.  My choice is simple….JT.  Have a great week, welcome back!

Best of luck!

Bubba – @bdentrek

We are back!!!! It feels like an eternity, but after 3 months here we are. With an absolutely loaded field, there are many ways to go this week. The other point of discussion is it has been 3 months and what should we expect? So many ways to go about picking this week and I am expecting some craziness to take place. With a week like this, I almost went with the always consistent Sungjae or even the cut machine Morikawa. Instead, I will go with my OAD from THE PLAYERS, the event that got canceled after 1 round. Give me Webb Simson. Webb has a 5th and a 3rd at Colonial in 2016 and 2017. He also is coming in playing well, including a win at the Waste Management. There will be some shake your head moments this week, but most importantly we have live golf and we have live golf for quite some time, so let’s have a great one.