We head to the hot corner on this latest set of fantasy baseball rankings. The third base position is LOADED!!!! In years past when talking about the corner infield positions first base used to run things, but times have changed and there’s a lot to like at the third base position. Let’s see where they stand in the 2019 Fantasy Baseball Third Base Rankings.

1- Jose Ramirez11- Travis Shaw
2- Nolan Arenado12- Max Muncy
3- Kris Bryant13- Miguel Andujar
4- Alex Bregman14- Wil Myers
5- Eugenio Suarez15- Mike Moustakas
6- Anthony Rendon16- Josh Donaldson
7- Javy Baez17- Miguel Sano
8- Vladimir Guerrero Jr.18- Eduardo Escobar
9- Matt Carpenter19- Rafael Devers
10- Justin Turner20- Kyle Seager

As already stated, the position is DEEEEPPPPPPPP. Currently in NFBC drafts there are 7 third basemen taken in the Top 50 and 10 in the Top 75. There are 2 ways to approach the position when it comes to drafts based on this early ADP information.

1- Grab one of the upper end third basemen nice and early or

2- Wait and enjoy the depth

These rankings will help you navigate your draft. You can go early and take the consistently great numbers of Jose Ramirez or Nolan Arenado or take the gamble on a bounce back in Kris Bryant.

You can take the young stud in Alex Bregman and hope the elbow injury isn’t too severe or wait a little longer and take the always under appreciated yet consistently really good players in Eugenio Suarez or Anthony Rendon.

After them you have some free swingers in Javy Baez or this years prospect darling in Vladimir Guerro Jr.

Wrapping up the Top 10 you have Matt Carpenter coming off a career season in St. Louis or one of the best hitters but often hurt Justin Turner.

After the Top 10 it gets a little dicey with some players that may excel in some categories but not so much in 4 or 5 categories like Travis Shaw and Mike Moustakas.

You can look to hopefully get insane value on the likes of Josh Donaldson or gamble on youngsters like Rafael Devers.

Bottom line is there are so many ways to attack the third base position. The rankings will help you see where they all sit and then with future articles and Benched with Bubba EP 141 you will have even more information on the third base position for your fantasy baseball drafts.