We’ve wrapped up the infield rankings (updates to come throughout spring) and now we head to the outfield. With so many players to choose from this will be a multi-part series. First, we will start with the Top 25 in the outfield. Let’s see where they stand in the 2019 Fantasy Baseball Outfield Rankings PT 1.

1 – Mike Trout2 – Mookie Betts
3 – Ronald Acuna4 – Christian Yelich
5 – J.D. Martinez6 – Bryce Harper
7 – Juan Soto8 – Andrew Benintendi
9 – Aaron Judge10 – Giancarlo Stanton
11 – Rhys Hoskins12 – Kris Bryant
13 – Tommy Pham14 – Starling Marte
15 – Whit Merrifield16 – Yasiel Puig
17 – Charlie Blackmon18 – Nick Castellanos
19 – Lorenzo Cain20 – Justin Upton
21 – Michael Conforto22 – David Dahl
23 – Cody Bellinger24 – Marcell Ozuna
25 – Eddie Rosario

The outfield is insanely deep as always and there can be arguments made to move players around throughout the rankings. When it comes to the top tier it’s clearly Mike Trout and Mookie Betts at 1 and 2, but Ronald Acuna will be a really close 3 by season’s end.

After the top 3 I can see debates for Christian Yelich or J.D. Martinez being the 4th outfielder off the board. I discussed a lot of this on ATB EP 98, but it comes down to steals vs insane power for the most part for me. I have Yelich slightly ahead of Martinez, but I am totally ok if someone wants to go the take J.D. before Christian.

After the Top 5 you have Bryce Harper, Juan Soto and Andrew Benintendi. These 3 seem close but I definitely prefer them in this order. Harper is a monster who can go 30+/100+/100+, while Soto is the young phenom that we are looking to duplicate an insane rookie season. Benny Biceps is the really interesting one of these three. I’ve been a big Benintendi guy and now that he’ll be leading off, stealing more with the power hopefully coming on strong. Watch out for the Benintendi break out year in 2019.

At 9 and 10 we have the Bronx Bombers. Aaron Judge hasn’t been able to play a full season yet, but assuming he does this year we could legit see a 50 home run season. Same can be said for Giancarlo Stanton, but the separating factor for me is Judge filling in more of the roto categories. It’s really close and I’ll take Judge over Giancarlo.

After the Top 10 I go “off the rails” compared to many rankings you see around the industry. I have the likes of Rhys Hoskins (40+ home run season), Tommy Pham (25-25 season) and Yasiel Puig (30+ home runs) much higher than many. While I also have the likes of Charlie Blackmon and Cody Bellinger much lower than others.

There are many ways to attack the outfield position for you Fantasy Baseball team. For me I like to get a couple of the big guys and then use others to fill in categories I need to balance out my team. If you thought some of these rankings were odd just wait for PT 2 when I go through 26-50.